Who's Got The Button?

I'll admit, I see that question all the time on eBay lot sales for buttons (until I began sewing, I never knew how amazingly expensive buttons were, so yours truly quickly learned that eBay is the way to go for those), and I have no idea what it means. Apparently, the sewing portion of my childhood education was sorely neglected. I'm clueless.

But that doesn't stop me from, like other women, having an odd thing for cute bottons, on apparel or off. This darling button bracelet from Anna Kate Jewelry is a prime example, and sure to be "Ooooo!"-ed over by button and perhaps even polka-dot fans alike. The red buttons are set off by sterling silver headpins - see the theme here? - and fastens with a pretty sterling silver clasp. I particularly like the mix of sizes and shades of red. It's available in other colours, and will probably take a week longer to receive, but if you have an outfit that needs a little whimsy to set it off just right, this might be what you are looking for.

Anna Kate also offers button necklaces and, lo and behold, very cute button rings. Her whole shop seems to be sewing-themed, with straight-pin earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings - definitely a very unique use of everyday craft items.

Happy shopping!

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Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something.

Well, I'm in a better mood today - time heals all sadness, right? - and also because I have found a few sources of fab vintage dresses in normal-woman sizes. Hooray! And I was just whining in my head that I haven't featured much in the way of clothing, at least not as much as I'd like. Wouldn't you figure?

Now, I'm aware that this light-coloured weave that looks like linen screams "SUMMER!", I saw it and just had to feature her anyway. It's the middle of January! Don't we all need a reminder that spring is only...um...a few months away? And surely at least one reader has a warm-weather trip planned in the near future; what better excuse to bust this cutie pie out? Finally, it's a classic sheath dress with a flattering, non-exposing square neckline (it might bother me as far as temperature goes, but you know how I love a square neckline) - but it's a sheath with personality. Look at it! Doesn't it just say, "I'm a classic, but don't you dare think that means staid."

An Alison Ayres original, this sheath has very cute, cheery crewel-work flowers a little beneath the hips that allow...let's see *counts*...four opportunities for fun shoe coordination. Ballerina flats, slingbacks, sandals...oh, darn, another trip to DSW seems to be in order. There's a back metal zipper - who was it that said a dress with a zipper in back brings a husband and wife closer together? - and it looks like some nice darts at the waistline and bustline for flattering shaping. It's also in celery green, one of my personal favourite colours and one that is, in general, a good colour on a lot of ladies.

The woman who snatches this darling dress is, more likely than not, going to love wearing it - to work with a jacket, to dinner, to weddings (is this not a great wedding dress?), to Sunday church. I can see her wearing this on a nice vacation, too - from a few hours away to a tour of Europe or the Caribbean, this dress will be a great grab-and-go option. Best of all, she's a fairly normal size! 37-34-40, and 40 inches long (those measurements are bust-waist-hips, for the unaccustomed to shopping by measurements). This doll is a steal, and as the weather warms up, I don't think she'll be at Little Pink Dress for very long - so seize the dress, already!

At Little Pink Dress - be sure to check out their piles and piles of great vintage goodness at very, "Wow, this is a total steal!" prices.

Happy shopping!


Wearable Art

Now, really, it's not too far a stretch to call a lot of the things featured here - particlarly the jewellry - 'wearable art'. But it's a free title, just fluttering there in the breeze; since today was an emotional day for me, it seemed to be the right day for taking advantage.

This very pretty Chinese fine silver jacket pendant with a small flower button is an elegant, unique piece sure to bring a smile to your face. Each piece is handmade, and is suspended from an elegantly curved Rajasthani sterling clasp attached to red Greek leather. Artist Melissa Lew made these in honour of the new year, as it's tradition to wear new red clothes throughout the Chinese New Year. Even if you're not Chinese, though, I think you'll find this - and her other jewellry and artwork - to be understated and beautiful all at once.

Available from Melissa Lew. Happy shopping!

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A Good Cause

Many of you have - and dearly love - pets. I read about Tigger this morning. He's been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, and while the prognosis is good, the cost of his vet bills is very, very high for the young lady involved. She's taking donations on her website, and will be starting eBay auctions soon to help her raise money as well.


Wink & a smile to The Sampler's blog.


Loud roared the dreadful thunder...

...but if you're wearing this pin, it might not be so bothersome. The rainy day cloud pin from sudlow is shiny, fun, and - for a raincloud - pretty darned cheerful, don't you think? Made of silver nickel and flirtatiously showing off a pretty blue glass briolette, I think pinning this cutie onto my coat, sweater, purse, or bag would cheer me up on an otherwise dreary day. It even comes in a gift box, in case you're ordering for a friend! You can even make it a set with matching earrings.

This and other charming pieces - like peas in a pod earrings featuring pearls, necklaces featuring things like seahorses, acorns, and birds, all available at sudlow.

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Upcycling Is Chic!

My apologies for not being around last night...you know how a 'quick trip to the grocery store' can turn into an 'odyssey at the grocery store'? Yes. That was last night.

I've been following the work of Liana Kabel via Flickr for a while. There's much to be deeply in like with: bright and cheerful colour, great design, an of course, it's unique, interesting jewelry. Looking at her work really makes me smile, so I was thrilled to see that she'd posted again today.

These cute vintage flower earrings are darling - red and white (perfect, to this Red Wings nut) with sterling silver posts. But what is truly fabulous about these earrings is that...they are made from Tupperware! Yes, that stuff that keeps cookies fresh and kitties amused. That's what I call creative upcycling. Each of Liana's pieces are handmade and most are one-of-a-kind, and if you ask me, they are as much fun art piece (as opposed to the kind that makes one's friends say, "Oh...That's...interesting...") as they are jewelry. Her store is stocked with bracelets, necklaces, and pins, too, so definitely stop on by the shop (you'll have to scroll down a wee bit for the earrings)! Liana's site also has a gallery of her past work; if you see something that's already been sold that you just love, she notes you can email her about it and she may be able to make it for you in a different colour, as you can see by the stack of earrings below.

If nothing else, her site is absolutely worth taking for a spin just for the fun and imaginative factor.

Happy shopping!

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Because Bad Hair Days Are Easy To Find

All too easy to find, in fact. I doubt you need to take it from me (a woman with long, thick, THICK hair). That bad hair day can come because of weather, a hair dryer that decided to burst into flames, running out of styling product, or just plain, good old-fashioned "Bad Hair Day", but they happen, and they are not pleasant. In fact, a few years ago, a study actually found that we aren't exagerrating - even the memory of a bad hair day can deal your self-esteem and mood a heavy blow.

Most women I know just throw their hair up in a ponytail, but mine is so heavy that I've had to find other ways of dealing with the dreaded Ides Of Bleah. Most of the time, I use chopsticks and twist my hair up into a french twist, or will hastily arrange a low 50's style rolled chignon with whatever bobby pins - and God forgive me, if I can't find any pins, paper clips! - I can scrounge up. Obviously, we will go to great...er...lengths to correct our disobedient locks.

Headbands were out for me for a long time, too - they don't mix well with eyeglasses should I have to done specs on a bad hair day, and how often have you gotten a ferocious headache from a too-snug band? Lately, however, it seems that headband makers have gotten the hint: we don't all have squishy, small heads. It seems that headbands now allow for a normally sized human head, and furthermore, pretty ribbons being used to tie back one's mane are coming back into vogue in a big way - indeed, they are touted as stylish and sleek all over the place!

This pretty striped scarf headband from One Good Bumblebee is among my favourite kinds of headband: read, "stylish, adjustable fabric". Even better, they come in stripes - red or black on white. They're an inch and a half wide with twenty inches of ribbon tie - you can leave the ties hanging loosely, tuck them under, or if you are feeling particularly ambitious, wrap your locks in a pretty Edwardian, Kate Winslet period film-ish style with these modernly striped ribbons. Best of all, they're easily stashed into one's purse - just in case that cloudburst decides to make you it's special target all the way in from the parking lot.

At One Good Bumblebee. Happy shopping!

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Woman, Thy Name is...Scattered.
This morning, I received a newsy email from Valerie at Holland Cox, home of chic handmade purses, and I liked and planned to feature this truly pretty ultrasuede wristlet. However, tonight (perhaps watching '24' had something to do with it, although I've no idea how), when I actually went to the site to pull the wristlet for feature, I saw this Red Phoenix envelope clutch and instantly changed my mind.

The Asian-print cotton lycra envelope purse features red piping, is fully lined in red cotton and even has a five-inch wide interior pocket for goodies you really don't want to get away as you balance a glass of champagne and plate of sushi while digging for something vital. There's a nine-inch zipper closure to ensure that nothing escapes you; the clutch itself has a nice, wide eleven-inch bottom and is just over five inches tall - it should hold all of your essentials for the next wedding, baby shower, or super-chic dinner party. The bright, cheerful print definitely make this your primary accessory! It would look so nice paired with some bright red beads and a black dress - or pair it with a crisp white fitted shirt and blue jeans with high-heeled boots (and the red beads).

Of course, I also still like the wristlet. It's hard to go wrong with chocolate ultrasuede and Tiffany blue. Ohhhh...decisions, decisions...

Handmade with love from Holland Cox. Happy shopping!

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Modest Actually Can Be Cute. Shocking, But True.

I think most women are aware of the fact that your basic crewneck tee isn't all that flattering. Personally, I prefer a fitted squareneck or V-neck tee - they're more polished-looking (and more flattering), not to mention cooler temperature-wise for someone who tends to overheat a lot (like me). For some reason, though, it's difficult to find well-fitting, well-made tees that aren't cut down to my bellybutton. Besides, just think of the sun damage to the girls! Eeeek!

Squarenecks are a very flattering cut - possibly more than a v-neck, but that might depend on your shape. It broadens your shoulders more, which can balance out wider hips and even make a waist look trimmer. V-necks do the same, but I think squarenecks are even better at it, at least for an hourglass figure like my own; v-necks, however, are more feminine and dressy, so it's all about what you need!

These squareneck tees from Diviine ModesTee just about fit the bill. The neckline is a smidgen too high for me, but it's still pretty and highlights the collarbones, never a bad thing - overall, I could tolerate it and honestly probably wouldn't even think about or be bothered by it once it was on. Not only will this go well for casual wear, it would probably look professional enough under a jacket for work (if tees in that situation are too warm for you, there are also regular and lace-hemmed camis).

At the moment, there are five colours - black, two shades of pink, kiwi, and aqua; the tees come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large, so this company is definitely doing their best to be available to all comers! All tees are made from durable, non-pilling (YAY!) cotton Lycra which has been tightly woven so it isn't sheer and won't lose its shape. Right now, the store is having a 20% off sale, so it's the time to buy!

Diviine ModesTee also offers short-sleeve V-neck tees, a pretty bell sleeve v-neck (I've a strange liking for bell sleeves), and a 3/4-sleeve squareneck tee, as well as a variety of other tees and camis (some are lace-trimmed), all in a mix of colours.

The website features a tribute to their mother, a woman who instilled self-respect into her daughters and taught them a value system consisting of (from daughter Marci):

"...the power of modesty, strength from integrity and the beauty of virtue as a woman. My mother taught me these values, but more importantly she lives these values. She was determined to maintain a modest lifestyle, fashion and expected her daughters to do the same. She taught and showed me of my divine worth by her modest example. I saw and learned that a modest woman emulates an inner acceptance of oneself, an unseen power of virtue and self-worth. I learned that women need not show off their bodies for attention nor affection."

How refreshing is that? Sadly, today, it seems as if some moms are in competition with their daughters to be the next one immortalized as a Bratz doll or Hustler's "Seen On The Street" page. Sigh. I am very blessed to have a mom who was both fashionable and modest.

The tees and camis are all available from Diviine Modestee - and since there's a sale going on, it's probably worth running over!

Happy shopping!

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You've Seen It Here First!

While the feature item yesterday was a pendant, I saw this later in the evening and had to share it. As far as I know, it hasn't been picked up by anyone else just yet, and the artist just released it on Flickr last night.

This leaf resin pendant is more than unique. It's almost Victorian in taste - their affection for nature and romanticism - but it's also just flat-out neat. It's such an interesting pendant, isn't it? The actual teeny-tiny leaf is embedded into a droplet of resin that's been poured into a mold. The artist then wraps the end of the droplet with silver wire to form a pendant loop. Everything is done by hand - forming the bottle-shaped mold for the resin and placement of the leaf. She has just started making these, and apparently has similar pendants with shells, broken bits of coral, tiny flowers, seedpods, and small nuts planned for the future.

Available from onegirl, who has some really attracive but chic simple items. Happy shopping!

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Good Things Come Around Twice

I know I've featured Lustrebunny once here before, but my husband purchased one of her lovely necklaces for me at Handmade Arcade, and not only do I like it very much, but I receive plenty of compliments on it. When I popped onto Etsy today to see that she's got a new line of red porcelain pretties, I had to share, red being one of my very favourite colours - and a much-needed punch of brightness this dreary time of year.

This is another of her kiln-fired porcelain pendants, here with a rather modern paisley print. It's suspended from a 16" stainless steel choker via a sterling silver hook. The artist will happily customize the chain size for you. The paisley itself is fired right onto the porcelain, so no worries about it ever wearing off. And when she says that it's "silky smooth against your skin", she's not kidding - these pendants really are a joy to wear. They're elegant enough to be worn to a dressy event, but still look great with jeans and a sweater or tee. Personally, I think Lusterbunny's creations are very versatile.

This and many other lovely, chic pieces available from the wonderfulLusterbunny!

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Gum, Anyone?

As in...a raspberry gumball? This whimsical but still classy necklace from the appropriately named My Neck Candy is such a lovely piece - it has a little bit of a 'world' feel about it but is still subtle and modern enough that you can wear it with jeans and a V-neck or your "I hate business meetings" suit. Suspended from a silver chain, the large raspberry 'gumball' is actually carved resin, and the tassel beneath gives it just the tiniest Middle Eastern flair. Put your hair up in a twist or chignon to reveal the two red coin pearls that grace either side of the clasp for an extra-feminine touch.

Possibly best of all is that this fetching piece of jewelry is 25% off! Yup, Jeannie is having a big sale, with all necklaces and bracelets 25% off. So scamper on over and drool over candy that is far more lasting than Godiva...and won't make that party dress fit just that much tighter.

Happy shopping!

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For the past year or so, owls have been the hot thing in indie fashion. They're starting to break into mass market stuff, which means that unless you already had a thing for the beak-clicking symbols of Athena, something else will be grabbing your fancy soon.

I hereby declare that the next chic animal will be: the fox.

Yes, that furry creature with the bushy tail, last seen draped around Lucille Bluth's neck missing a foot. But we're not talking fur (unless you live in Alaska): just reasonable fascimiles of the vulpine on various fashion items. Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, I can, and for another, for some reason I tend to be ahead of fashion trends. Boots? Check. Vintage? Check. Big, soft, retro waves and curls? Checkity check. Tailored jackets? Check. (By the way, for those, if you're the right size, check the little girls' departments. Trust me.)

Anyhow, the other reason is that I saw this necklace (not yet for sale). It was just a little flash of insight, and y'all heard it here first.

Therefore, it's only appropriate that today I highlight something with some sort of fox on it. Per usual, Etsy didn't let me down. This is a unique piece, too: a blue-grey fox postage stamp in a lead-free soldered pendant. The stamp itself is from the USSR, and while it may just be a fancy of mine, the fox's expression seem to reflect that. The pendant is 2" by 1.25", and is sure to get some attention and be a real conversation-starter. It hangs from a 16" ball chain, although I'm sure you could swap that out for a silvery blue ribbon or a silver chain of your own.

I'll admit that it isn't just the fox factor that I like here - it's the historical meaning of the stamp as well as how prettily it's drawn - but at the same time, that elegance is laced with a sort of "I dare you" attitude. Knowing what I do about the USSR, I wonder about the artist; perhaps they saw themselves as this animal, chased or trapped by something they couldn't escape. As I said, it's definitely a very interesting, one-of-a-kind piece, and it's from the hands of Norsola at The Muses Jewels. She has several other vintage stamp-based pieces (what a great idea) and other very nice jewelry as well.

Happy shopping!

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Deco Flair

One thing about vintage clothing even the casual vintage shopper knows: larger sizes are difficult to find. Indeed, even
standard sizes can be difficult to find. A really nice standard- or larger-sized vintage dress in good condition can easily hit three figures! That makes it hard for me to feature pretty vintage here; I'd love to do so, because the quality is so much better than today's clothing and the styles have more personality - not to mention the fact that the chances of someone else showing up in your dress at a party or restaurant is a lot lower.

Needless to say, when I find an attractive larger size vintage piece I can feature here, I'm pretty excited. And lucky you, today is such a day!

This art deco vintage dress not only features a very interesting Indian-style design, it's just plain out well-designed. There's a tie at the waist, but better than that is the way the dressmaker used the fabric - that 'V' hitting right at the waist/hipline is very flattering and slimming, and will visually give the waist more definition to create the illusion of an hourglass (the measurements on this dress are a 'boyish figured' 40-38-41, and I am thinking this may have been a custom piece - smart designer!). Notice too - I say this because it's a pet peeve of mine - the main focal point of the print doesn't have to focal points centered over each breast - it's at the center instead (can we please call a moratorium on flowers on each 'girl' and writing on the bum? Please?). The slight 'v' neckline broadens the shoulders, again tricking the eye into thinking it's looking at an hourglass figure (despite the fact that most women aren't shaped that way, it seems to be the 'standard' - even inverted triangle J-Lo dresses to make it appear she's a Sophia Loren instead of...well, J-Lo). This also slims the waistline by making the shoulders look a little more broad. Overall, it's a very pretty design and flattering, too - the dressmaker was quite clever with this unique print.

This pretty is listed as being in 'mint' condition. It's a lightweight, sturdy cotton with no show-through (hooray!) It is meant to slip over the head, so I'm thinking there's another flattering 'V' in the back; if you're more comfortable with a zipper, any good seamstress can add one for you.

This is a really pretty dress that's growing on me more and more as I look at it. In these colours and in this style, it's wonderfully versatile and just about seasonless: wear it to church on Sunday, to the office in the summer and fall, out to a nice dinner or a barbeque. Pair it with nude or red pumps (you know you have a pair buried in your closet, crying to come out) or skin-tone sandals. Throw a fitted denim jacket over the top and a pair of chocolate-brown leather boots on and you are good to go to work, that funky art gallery show, or a friend's housewarming. And for some reason, I keep seeing this with a really wide-brimmed straw hat that has a wide red ribbon wrapped around the crown. The possibilities are endless, and the right woman who finds and buys this dress will probably be a very happy dame! This dress has a lot of personality and is definitely going to garner the wearer some flattering attention.

Happy shopping!

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Lime-alicous And Then Some

Well, it's neckwear twice in a row, but women's accessories aren't nearly as boring as men's ties, right? (Probably due to the fact that they're being made for...well...women, and if you've ever compared your closet and dressers and shoes to a man's, you probably understand what I mean.) I saw this lovely piece on Flickr, and as it's been quite grey here in Pittsburgh, couldn't resist sharing the bright, popping green with you.

I've really become fascinated by the fused glass art lately - the colours are bright and cheerful, the pieces themselves are substantial as far as durability, and they just flat out look like candy. It's hard not to feel a little more cheerful looking at them, if you ask me. Artist Lis fired this art glass drop pendant three times to get the perfect look - sparkling breaths of aventurine green, a sliver of gold. The pendant bail is sterling silver.

In addition to being worn as a pendant, I'll bet that with a strong safety pin, attached from the inside of a sweater or dress would make a nice brooch. But that may just be my insanity speaking. ;)

Lis sells the necklace chain seperately, in eighteen and twenty-four inch lengths. The pendant itself isn't much, nor are the chains, so it's quite a deal. That brings me to the other thing I like about fused glass (also called 'dichroic') jewelry: it's a very pretty, chic, unique and durable, but it doesn't bear the hefty price tag of a rock from Tiffany's (not that there is anything wrong with Tiffany's) or the Coke bottle glass-cutters at the mall jewelry stores. Granted, it might not work with your silk cocktail dress or your wedding gown, but it's a fun, inexpensive way to add some really beautiful pieces to your wardrobe that you'll love to wear. Furthermore, it's made by an independent artist. What's not to love? Instead of one necklace you can probably have about thirty for you and your friends. And Mom. And Grandma. And to butter up your boss. Or just to give to someone who seems to need a cheering up or a blessing.

This and many other fun and pretty pieces available at Lis' Dichroic Fused Jewelry shop. Happy shopping!

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I received my update from The Wing Thing today, and couldn't resist featuring this extremely sweet necklace. Other than notes to my husband, I'm not really into hearts, but the style and colour of this piece really caught my attention. Those fruity cranberry-coloured beads are Czech, the toggle clasp and spacers are Bali silver, and the hand-shaped heart pendant and chain are sterling silver. Pretty, yes?

This and many other fine, handcrafted pieces are available from The Wing Thing. Happy shopping!

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Hello, Pretty Lady!

I'm not sure there is a thing to dislike about this charming, classic Vicky Dress from KP of Mignonette. The princess-cut beauty is an icy blue wool tweed and fully lined in midnight blue satin (mmmm!). Throw in a heart neckline, ribbon belt, and a knee length skirt, and you've got a beautifully flattering dress that's modest to boot. I love it! There's an invisible back zip, and the fabric is apparently pretty lightweight. You could wear it alone for a night out, or top it with a pretty sweater or fitted jacket for daywear (before heading out to knock their socks off).

This go-anywhere handmade charmer comes in sizes from 2 - 16, but she'll also do custom orders in your specification of colour and size and according to the size page, even style - so if you want to add 3/4 length sleeves to this lovely, I'll bet she'd be more than happy to accomodate you.

This is just beauteous, beauteous, beauteous, and made right here in the USA with fabulous style and quality, too.

Happy shopping!

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The Little Things
They (who are 'they', anyhow?) like to say that "God is in the details" and "It's the little things that count". I tend to agree (otherwise, why would we even bother caring about our accessories at all?). Personally, I've found that even small 'treats' and pretty things just make me feel happier when I see them. It might be a cute small picture I've saved from a magazine, my owl ring, or my cute lime green wallet, but there are just those 'little things' that rarely fail to bring a smile to my face and cheer me.

I think this surpisingly pretty Floral Army Green wallet from lineswork is one of those 'little things' that would bring a smile to many a woman's face. It's not dressy enough for a night out, but it's certainly perfect for everyday use! The artist has interfaced it for stiffness, has seven compartnemts and a velcro-close coin pocket. It folds shut with a rubber strip to keep all of your things secure inside. To me, the best part is that it's of durable canvas but is still embroidered in a cream and black modern floral - attractive but tough enough to deal with being slammed into by the cellphone, PDA, lipstick, compact, camera, et cetera, et cetera.

This and other pretties available atlineswork. Happy shopping!


Kim Family Auction

I'm certain you remember the heartbreaking story of the Kim family. The Kims had earned great affection from the independent crafting and art community, and as a result, artists banded together and donated items to an
auction benefitting the Kim family. All the items are showcased on the blog, and are at auction on eBay.

There are many lovely items, but one of the cutest is this squirrel tote & tree tote bag from Casey Brown. The red wool-blend squirrel is hand-appliqued onto cotton canvas and resides among prettily hand-embroidered details (like the tree, and "Squirrel" stitched in the back). The bag is fully lined in cotton with pockets for cellphones, lipstick, gum, or kitty treats (hey, you never know). So if you've ever got a day where you're feeling a bit...well, squirrely and loopy, you can whimsically warn everyone by carrying this tote. Bonus on this piece: free shipping!

That's your cute for the day. My other favourite auction item - although it's far out of my price range - is the sweet horse chestnut necklace from Scottish artist Abigail Percy. It's such a unique piece, beautifully crafted, and I love the asymmetrical way it's meant to be worn. The sweet horse chestnut leaf is hand-carved stained faux ivory supported by a gold-plated silver setting piece, and strung with faceted round smoky quartz beads on silk. I really like this gorgeous necklace.

It's all for a great cause, and the work available is worth looking at just for the inspiration factor. Maybe go in on an item with a friend or two and pass it around? The auction has had some lovely home pieces donated as well - like porcelain pots and a cute wall pocket - so there's certainly something for everyone.

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Two-fer Tuesday
I'm not saying this will be a tradition.

But this, the cutest ring ever, highly deserves an honourable mention. Behold:

Also from Triplelle.


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Bulbs Are Blooming. In January.
A local here mentioned the other day that, due to the unseasonably (but not unappreciated) warm weather, her bulbs have started to bloom. Neither of us are sure if the plants will survive should winter ever decide to show up, but neither of us are really that unhappy that we've not yet had to deal with ice, snow, sleet, and the miserable bitter cold. If spring decides to come several months early, that's fine by us.

(Newsflash: Apparently, New York City is experiencing blooming apple blossom trees!)

In the spirit of "eternal spring and never snowing" (sorry, snow lovers!) I have to share this lovely Spring Cherry Tree copper and stone pendant from Triplelle. It's one of five, each a unique piece created by the artist. The pendant's frame is hand-hammered heavy gauge copper wire, with the tree's fine copper branches, twisted trunk and roots wired right onto the frame. The green 'leaves' are green peridot (my sister's favourite stone, by the way), and the cherry blossoms are a softly pretty rose quartz.

Happily, this even comes with a matching copper snake chain. If you check out the item's page, you'll see that she has photos of her third and fourth pendant, each unique in its own way. Triplelle also has a Ripe Fruit Tree pendant (malachite leaves with garnet 'fruit' - luscious!) as well as a Lilac Tree pendant, not to mention a bunch of other goodies - earrings, drop pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets - all beautifully handmade.

Happy shopping!

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Happy New Year!
Well, happy 2007 to all! We ended up being gone a little longer than we'd anticipated, but it's all right. I hope your Christmas or Hannukah was wonderful and that New Year's was a lot of fun. We did watch the ball drop, and it seemed as if everyone was having a wonderful time. Now, though, it's back to business!

Today's 'pretty' is this sheer jersey top with beflowered swamp grass on it. Obviously, it goes well with a cami underneath and a jean skirt, and it would look great with khaki or perhaps a courdoroy skirt. Set it off with a feminine ivory-coloured bracelet or pretty beads and you're good to go! It can go casual, or on a date, or nice dinner with the girls (or the guys, or to your vet, or Target, or...). The top is an American Apparel shirt, and they're very soft and comfortable. And who doesn't like jersey?

Creator circularaccessories offers this in all sizes, and at a very reasonable price. She has a lot of interesting stuff, including this goldfish dress I'd love to wear to the grocery store, but I can't wear orange. Still, imagining the reactions of my dear fellow Pittsburghers - who tend to be pretty conservative and standard in their dress, judging by their amazement at my boots and knee-highs paired with heels and a skirt - is amusing nonetheless. (Detroiters - I'm a native to Motown - have a fashion sense of our very own, much to the curiosity of those elsewhere.)

Happy shopping!