Just one of those things...

Oftentimes, I'll browse about until I see something and say (out loud on occasion) "Oh, how very pretty!" This Asian-themed Dynasty necklace is one of those items. The bright coral red, the warm green, the metal coin...it all combines beautifully and perfectly for a truly lovely, elegant, colourful piece of jewelry. It's just an uplifting, lively necklace that isn't all Ronald McDonald house. The faux Cinnabar pendant adds feminine sweetness to the whole thing, don't you think?

It also caught my interest to learn all of the metalwork on this necklace is bronze. The flip side of the coin bears two sparring dragons.

This beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace is from Goddess Joy, and a mere $20; she has a coordinating bracelet too. All of her work is sophisticated; I detect an up-and-coming designer!


Snap Top, Part Two

While tearing through Etsy for some sort of cute clothing to feature, I couldn't resist this supremely elegant vintage handbag. Look at the detailing of the fabric! Things like this are rare treats indeed, especially in such good condition. What a beauty! It's 8 by 8 and $30 for something that will long be prized in your collection. From UpCripple Creek.

By the way, I'm always looking for new artists to feature, particularly those who sell clothing. Feel free to drop me a line (my e-mail address is on the right side of the screen) if you or someone you know is a designer. There's no way I can cover everyone all on my own, after all.

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Retro Style from Jimmy Pickles

There's something about snap-top bags. Part of it has to be their sort of formal, retro look, but for me at least, much of it is simply nothing more than they remind me of my grandmothers. When I was a little girl, they both carried snap-top handbags, often with snap-top coin purses inside. The crisp sound of their closing is wonderful as well, isn't it?

Doubtless it's the combination of warm memories and the style factor that has attracted me to these darling cosmetic bags from Jimmy Pickles. Artist Cherie utilizes not just the fabulousness of snap-tops, she's paired them with terrific fabrics in a variety of bright colours and super-swell fabrics, including cute coordinating lining. These handmade $18 bags are a healthy size, too: 10 inches long at the bottom, 6 inches wide at the opening, and 7 inches tall. That's room enough for your makeup emergency kit, and perhaps even enough to serve as your clutch for an evening out.

If you like these cosmetics bags, be sure to check out her similarly-shaped and equally sweet coin purses (just like Grandma used to have!). This is my favourite, though it's another hard call.

Cherie also offers wristlet keychains - she's the original! - bibs, checkbook covers, and cute button-style ponytail holders. Everything looks extremely well-made, and frankly, the prices are more than competitive with big-box places like Target. Even better, though, they're all made here in the States by an independent artist. Shop away!


Random Nicole

Have you all been reading the "selling at the market" series over at Fluffy Flowers? It's terrific, and if you're an artist-crafter, sure to be of great value to you. Felicia is doing a wonderful service to the many artists out there...take advantage of it. ;) (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. She's not skimping.)

I'm very excited today. While there's still major upset occurring regarding the selection of a bedroom wall colour (I'm about to start mixing my own), I'm proud to announce that all of my clothing is in the same room. Hurrah!

You see, prior to this weekend (when we finished the inside of the closet), all of our clothing has been scattered about the house: mine was upstairs, in the coat closet, in the spare bedroom closet, and the studio closet (it's an older home, hence the rather small closets, plus I suppose it's nice to give Hubby a spot for his duds as well, so we were sharing closets). Thankfully, though, we've remedied the situation with a mostly finished closet (it lacks doors, but we're planning to salvage & re-stain some beautiful old ones from Construction Junction), and all of my stuff is in one place. To be honest, it's a little confusing after so many months of having to run from room to room gathering my things...but it's a nice confusing.

It's another Monday, and another day when I cannot simply choose one thing from a seller's store because of the sheer cute involved. After squealing over the sweet, pretty things at Random Nicole, I've narrowed it down to 2 items.

First is this lucky duck tee in olive green. It's got a pretty ribbon trim on the collar and a very long-legged duck wading through recycled thread grass. As a big ric-rac nut (you've NO idea, it's like crack to me except I happily hoard the stuff), I love his ric-rac legs and the sparkly rhinestone eye. $59, though there's a long-sleeved versoin in fuschia for $61.

If you don't like ducks or fuschia, how about this long-sleeved daisy shirt? We've got more fabulous ric-rac and a daisy that's clearly gotten a healthy dose of sunshine despite the dreary weather. The leaves are made of lace, and there's a vintage vinyl flower serving as the bloom's center. $61, and there's a green cap-sleeved version available for $59.

Both tees are on lightweight jersey cotton: very comfy.

What speaks to me most about Nicole's work is the joy and whimsical spirit that shines through every piece. All of her clothing is very cute, very fun, and very artistic, yet it all has a sweet, unassuming mood about it. Just looking at her line is inspirational! She's got clothing for men and crumb-crunchers too, so be sure to stop in.


Fun Fridays: Red Lion

Lions are the symbol of power, might, courage and valour, nobility...They're widely recognized as the symbol of England (well, one symbol, anyhow), of Persia, and "lion" is one of the designations for Jesus Christ. Lions are also quite beautiful creatures.

Of course, the craziest of us will admit that we would also like to cuddle one despite the obvious career-ending possibilities (to say the least). Not only are lions gigantic, ferocious, strong, and beautiful, they've got soulful and wise-seeming eyes. For all their magnificence, lions are also exquisitely captivating and dangerously lovely. Narnia fans will with ease recall what Mr. Beaver says of Aslan:

'Safe?' said Mr. Beaver. 'Don't you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.'

Well, obviously, I'm a big fan of the King of Beasts.

So it is with a smile I bring you tonight's treat, a necklace featuring a roaring red lion. This one might be more roar than bite, though, as evidenced by the cheery flower he bears. He's on a 16-inch sterling-plated chain at the moment, but once he's yours, you can put him onto anything you like. $16, from Joamox Handmade.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Fun With Felt

No, it's not Friday, but it has been a rather long week and I thought I'd get started early with the cute. This felt starburst brooch makes me think of candy...maybe Pop Rocks. Layers of custom-printed felt have been layered atop one another and hand-sewn, lending a very charming appearance to a rather retro shape. There's a 2" bar on the back of this impossible-to-miss brooch, which is itself 5" across. Use this $15 cutie to jazz up a sweater, top, skirt, bag, or the brim of a floppy hat. Here is another pretty one; great colours.

Made by Lara of Handmade Pretties, who is a very creative woman: her shop is jammed (and I do mean jammed) with baby booties and sweaters, iPod and eyeglass cases, jewelry...everything is just darling and fun and cheerful, with plenty of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

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Delightful Combination

Much of the time, it seems simple is best, particularly in an age when everyone is often overburdened with a million different things to get done and being bombarded with information from all sides. I'm not surprised that design is exhibiting clean, simple lines. Colours are more prevalent, but even then we only see one or two colours at a time in products, as opposed to the riotous multi-tones of years past. There's comfort to be found in these cheery but simple products.

Jewelry is no exception, and this lovely carnelian necklace topped off with a pretty silver leaf (makes me think of a mallorn leaf, to tell the truth). The combination of deep, rich red with the silver toggle clasp is pretty, elegant, and unfussy.

Handmade by Irma of IvCreations, this necklace is just $34.


Reading Ring

Like many ladies, I'm a big Jane Austen buff. As most of you know, there's a big Jane Austen movie-fest occurring one one of the networks. Unfortunately but perhaps unsurprisingly, rumor has it things are beyond horrid and that the newest Jane-based movies are a far cry from the books' original intent, not to mention their delightful charm and sweetness.

Of course, there are many splendid movie renditions of some excellent books, yet as a bibliophile, it seems to me that the film never quite measures up to the discoveries, joys, and (enjoyable) sorrows found on the printed page. My suspicion is many of you, my dear Pretty/Modest readers, feel exactly the same way. Am I right? Does anyone else have a collection of books creeping about the house, a collection one might actually consider, oh...family? Or at the very least, dear friends?

Well, if so, you too shall fall deeply into like for this darling ring featuring proper, pretty ladies clearly engrossed in their reading. The rings are shrinky-dink acrylic stamped with a waterproof ink. The edges have been painted gold as a finishing touch. Best of all (other than the fact that, at last, we will have an unobtrusive way to let one another know we, too, are Book People), this sweet little treat is just $7.50! At that price, you'll have enough left over to buy a book (or several, if you're like me and haunt the used bookstores).

From the mother-daughter team of dillonDesigns. The ring is available in your size, and for a selection of dillonDesigns' ring collection (featuring cute birds, begging bunnies, retro owls, damask, and more) be sure to visit their shop.


Fun Friday: Knitting Circle

Now this is a distinct little goody of a kind I've not seen before: a hand-knit rosebud ring, complete with a bright green leaf to set off its beauty. Your long-lasting bloom is set upon an antique adjustable copper ring. Handmade from Manda Holden, who has three knit-flower rings. $15.

By the way, on Wednesday, I featured MikaRose, purveyors of truly pretty dresses. Owner Michaella shot me a thank-you email, and is offering a 10% off discount to us with the code "newcustomer". She also let me know that her new line comes out at the end of February, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled, because she's quite excited about it herself. Shop away, everyone!

I'm recovering from a bit of a cold, hence the brevity. Have a wonderful weekend!

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You're Golden

Or you will be in this beautiful vintage dress presently on eBay (until Saturday). Classic lines, subtle nature-inspired colours, and the graceful embroidery combine to make one heckuva fabulous, classy frock.

The cut is flattering to every shape and comfortable too. Made of linen crepe, the dress — presumed by the seller to be from the 60s — will fit a medium/large, with measurements of 38-32-38. It's sleeveless for warm-weather or party wear, but if a chill strikes, you can don a soft sweater or perhaps find a coordinating wrap. Now, it is January, but that means it is the perfect time to snap pretties like this one up, before warmer weather starts driving the prices even higher. Besides, it gives you all kinds of time to hunt down the exact shoes and accessories to wear with this.

The bidding is currently at $20, and that seems extraordinarily low for such a dress. You've got until Saturday, so bid now!

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MikaRose Fashions

Another two-fer tonight! Perhaps I'm feeling generous.

Tonight's two dresses are from MikaRose, yet another fabulous clothing company founded on the values of modest chic. MikaRose is smart in they're specializing in dresses of all kinds (keep it simple...). Glancing through their online shop, I see a lot of fabulous retro influence when it comes to the styles, something that always makes me happy. They've even found inspiration in Audrey Hepburn; ladies, we can't go wrong here!

First up is this mod-style print dress. It's fitted enough so that we know you're a girl without being-skin tight, and the print...! Wow. Great fun, and easily accessorized with jewelry, sashes, belts...and just imagine the shoe possibilities. It comes in two colours, brown/rust and black/red, both of them very cute and fun. Made in the USA (hurrah!), the dress is poly with just a little Spandex for stretch and comfort. The almost-drop waist is very flattering, too. $49.99 in sizes from small to extra large.

I also just couldn't help but point you to this classic shirtdress from MikaRose. It's 100% cotton, black, with 3/4 sleeves. Very simple, very clean...it's beautiful. I love it. As you know, I believe every woman should have at least one shirtdress in her wardrobe (because starting with one means she'll quickly have a dozen): they're easy to wear but look gorgeous, they're very simple to accessorize to dress them up or down, and extremely comfortable the whole time. This one, also in sizes small to extra large, is $40.

MikaRose has a very nice collection of dresses, all very pretty (one more: check out the Japanese-inspired Katana) and modest, at very reasonable prices. We're seeing so many talented designers with the intent of creating beautiful clothing that still covers up, and I can't wait to see what they do in the future! There's a growing market for this sort of thing, and MikaRose is going to be yet another big name in the business.

Update! Owner Michaella is extending a 10% discount to anyone who'd like to purchase a thing or two from MikaRose; just use the code "newcustomer".

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Beautiful Bags from Tamami Ko

You know, all of the artists I feature here at Pretty/Modest are just that: artists. They're all super-talented, if you ask me, and almost all of them have at least 2 or 3 items I'd love to feature, if not more goodies. Still, sometimes I just can't help it, and this is one of those nights; the handbags at Tamami Ko Bag are exceptional and unique and deserving of such exposure.

I've chosen two bags to give you an idea of Tamami Ko's versatility, that is, formal and casual.

The first bag is the "large blue lady". Beautiful, isn't it? Not only is the bag a terrific shape — it makes me think of a gigantic dewdrop — the colours and vintage fabric are rich and elegant. There's a nice tortiseshell-like vintage buckle, and that lovely finishing touch, the sparkling charm serving as a zipper. Just delightful! You'll have to visit the bag itself to see the interior of this bag, in its luscious, gorgeous contrasting colours. There's a big pocket inside, too, but then the bag itself is big: 18.5" wide and 15" wide! You could probably stick your Golden Retriever in this one. $68.

The other bag is the La Vie En Rose. I can't tell if the bag's exterior is made of denim or not, but it looks like it, making this a durable but sweetly pretty purse for everyday. And pretty it is: the chic modern form, and of course that irresistible decoration on the flap, made of a vintage patch featuring vintage roses and a beaded vintage button. These few small but bright touches give this $43 bag great personality without being overwhelmingly girly or treacly. It's another good-sized bag, too, at 14.5" wide and 7.5" tall. As you can see, the interior of the bag is beautiful and well-crafted, too, not to mention a light colour so it's easy to find the things that invariably sink to the bottom.

This is definitely a shop worth visiting; Tamami is very creative in her use of vintage items to create modern accessories!

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This ring is so simple yet still very pretty and sweet. Sweet because of the soft, pale, shimmery pink pearl button; pretty and simple because the button is set on an austere and unfussy clear button made of Depression glass. All is mounted to a silver-plated ring. Best of all, it's just $12!

If you think this has a vintage feel even aside from its components, it's because the artist adores vintage. She uses many vintage materials, so this is sustainable chic to the max less the snideness. Her entire shop is full of darling, whimsical, and very pretty jewelry you're sure to love, at affordable prices, too. If you like this ring, be sure to check out the Valentine's ring, which actually makes me think of a snowflake.

Hope everyone had a great weekend...I spent most of today at the doctor's, so I'm ready to relax with Hubby and Rem. ;) See you tomorrow!

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Fun Fridays: Buffet Line

The print on this wrap skirt is just fabulous - wonderfully mod and very fun. Everything you need for your next big family dinner is right on your skirt: the tureen, the fish and chips, the eggs, the poultry, dessert...even the drinks and condiments! All you've got to do is welcome your guests.

Well...if only it were that easy. But even if its not, donning this handmade Sam McLean creation will certainly make life seem a little breezier and much sweeter. Handmade, the wrap doesn't have any zippers or buttons or hook-eyes to fuss with, and fits anyone with a waist from 27"-32". In these colours, its perfect for whipping up a Valentine's Day dinner in, but of course it's marvellous for just about anything you'd like to wear it for. Just $35, too! What a deal on this one-of-a-kind skirt.

I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I've still got some work to finish up (with all of the debates and so forth, I've been kept pretty busy), but other than that we're going to slap the final paint swatch up on the bedroom walls and crossing our fingers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Soft Beauty from Eliwill

While the listing for this lovely, delicately-coloured bracelet says it's perfect for summer, I think it's perfect for this time of year, too. All of those muted green and blue sweaters, not to mention the chocolate and vanilla-coloured ones, would doubtless be happy to be paired up with this sweet little accessory. Handmade of swarovski crystals and faceted pearls, it seems as perfect for the cool, grey, icy days of winter as it is for the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Just $32, it would go beautifully with the marlys or noelle earrings, and especially this pair, which are promised to someone else, but artist Elizabeth does accept custom orders, so perhaps you could get a similar pair.

Elizabeth's entire shop is full of fetching jewelry in colours and materials that are more often than not soft in colour (some are bright) and hence very rich-looking. Her earrings are especially well-priced, but everything seems reasonable to me.

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Sadie Tee from Layers

Well, I was going to feature this darling and sweet Sadie top from Layers Clothing tonight, but it's actually impossible to upload any of their images to anything - Flickr, Blogger, Photobucket - so take my word for it and check it out.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this pretty floral wrap skirt from Un de Six. With the muted blues in the skirt, it would probably look great with the above-mentioned Layers top in steel blue or the white; of course, it would look good with any number of fitted or semi-fitted sweaters, tops, or a cami-jacket combo. Like all wrap skirts, this one is meant to be comfy and easy-to-wear, and will fit a 25-35" waist and 30-40" hips. Handmade and one of a kind, it's $39. The seamstress who made this is also willing to make custom apparel, so be sure to drop her a line if you're interested in something extra-special.

Honestly, I had a bear of a time trying to upload the pictures of that other top, and it is very attractive, so be sure to take a look at it as well. :)

Have a wonderful night...!


Ginkgo Earrings

Suspected to be the world's oldest living seed-bearing plant, the ginkgo tree was quite possibly gracing the planet even before the dinosaurs began roaming around. This in combination with the fact that these trees can grow nearly anywhere in the world under any conditions and are extremely durable, not to mention ginkgo's medicinal properties, have resulted in the tree and its distinctively-shaped leaves being recognized the world over as a symbol of hope and longevity. Indeed, some regard this elegant plant as a "living fossil".

Adding to the near-mythological aura of the ginkgo is the fact that in Hiroshima, four ginkgo trees survived the A-bomb and in fact still grow today. Their continuing presence in Japan has resulted in the trees being seen as bearers of hope and rebirth the world over.

The comely, symmetrical leaves of the ginkgo are probably one of the most easily identified tree leaves for those of us who aren't biologists of some sort. Not only that, they call to mind not just the tree itself, but Japan and that country's exotic, mysterious, aesthetically pleasing cultural tendencies (at least to Westerners). It's no surprise, then, that ginkgo leaves have always been a popular motif, and particularly in recent years.

Taking advantage of that lovely form is Ornamental Things with these oh-so-delicate-looking gold mesh ginkgo leaf earrings dangling alluringly from a recycled gold metal chain. Simple yet elegant in form, these are likely to be well-loved, oft-worn pieces in your collection and possibly even heirlooms. I imagine every day will seem just a little more gracious when you don these leaves, which could last as long as the trees themselves (some of which live to be over 1,000 years old).

Handmade by artist Natalie Tischler, they're just $38. Natalie also creates and sells rings, bracelets, and necklaces ranging from sophisticated to whimsical, so enjoy your visit to her shop! If you're in the Dallas area, this Austin resident will be at the Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market January 24-27.

Have a great night!


Exotic Beauty

This pretty Amalia skirt is the kind I love this cool, windy time of year: pretty and feminine while also long enough that I can wear it without those irritating stockings.

Of course, I also love the beautiful, exotic print and flattering yet comfortable cut, and the whimsical bird applique on the pocket doesn't hurt, either. That the hem is finished off with binding that matches the print signals that this is a well-made piece of clothing; you're not going to find this quality of work at most stores without paying much more for it. Clearly this is pretty with a cami, but you could add (of course!) a fitted denim jacket or wear it with a sweater or blouse, too.

This skirt fits what I would define as a medium (due to the hip measurements, with a 32" waist and 37" hip. Handmade on a cozy mountaintop in Colorada's studio, this lovely skirt is $55. Her shop is full of very pretty, very ladylike and functional clothing as well as a few accessories, like this darling scarf made of velvet and featuring a luscious-looking pear. She uses some really lovely fabrics and her designs are very pretty, all of it with an earthy but modern classic flair...like Anthropologie, but without all of the fuss. Definitely stop in!


Fun Friday: Display Your Support of Wetlands!

It's fortunate that this world is so full of whimsical people, because without them, it would be a world facing a dearth of whimsical prints. Take the print on this vintage button-down from themoonismymother. Lilypads, dragonflies, pond grasses, even a few little frogs peering curiously out of the water bedeck this shirt in the sweetest of fashions.

The print isn't all there is to love; check out the flashy big, pointy collar, the cuffed sleeves, and the very nicely made button placket add class and sophistication to this pretty blouse. Wear it tucked in, or untucked with a wide belt.

It would probably fit a medium to large well, as it fits a 36" waist. $19.

Have a great weekend!

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Sweet Polka Dots

There's just something about polka dots, isn't there? So cheerful and whimsical, yet classically stylish. They look equally charming on a grown woman at a cocktail party as they do on a little girl at the park.

Clearly, polka dots were divinely inspired.

That's just one reason you ought to snap up this lovely and sophisticated polka dot top. Handmade by artist Donna Lee, who has made theatre costumes in the past, this cute top really does has a 50s Italian flair. It reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would have worn, perhaps with some cigarette pants and ballet slippers, or maybe a pencil skirt or the sort of soft, swishy one Cyd Charisse would have worn for a big dance number. A size 14 (38 bust, 32 waist) the broadcloth blouse features 4 vintage-style domed round buttons in front and on on each of the contrasting cuffs. The dolman sleeves are comfortable and pretty, and so will you be in this blouse! $65 from Donna Lee Retro.

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Thoughts on Modesty...
I stumbled across these two little treats today and thought you'd enjoy them.

First up is a 9-minute audio presentation from Jewish World Review, a sort of symposium regarding modesty. You'll hear Ms. Aliza Bulow and Rabbis Mordechai Becher and Menachem Goldberger. Bulow's seems to start out of nowhere, but stick with her because she has some very interesting things to say. That said, I enjoyed hearing what the Rabbis had to say even more; both are very focused on our remembering that women (and men, yes, but it's mostly women who are encouraged or pushed into displaying their bodies for consumption, not men) are souls within bodies, and scanty or immodest clothing doesn't lend to our remembering that. Give it a listen; I think you'll really appreciate what these wise folks have to say! They're speaking from a Jewish perspective, but what they say applies to all of us.

You can listen to the speakers online or download from here.

The other little bit of information I found interesting was at, of all places, LAF, also known as "Ladies Against Feminism". My best friend and I generally poke fun at these ladies, because they're big fans of what my friend calls "prairie rat" clothing; you know, the jumpers and turtlenecks? Yes. That said, they do often have some very thoughtful things to say that are worth consideration; even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Writer "Eva H." seems to have taken up the standard against frumpy modesty, for which I'm sure she'll be booted from the LAF roster any day now:

A woman can be stylish and modest at the same time. In fact, I would even say that women who decide to dress modestly out of a personal conviction about their intrinsic value as a woman created by God have an even more sacred duty to dress themselves in a way that allows their beauty to shine.

Being stylish and showing womanly beauty is very different from displaying your sexual attributes. While we love to help out our brothers fighting against temptation, it is not our responsibility to avoid any temptation for men by denying ourselves as women in our appearance. It is our responsibility, however, not to deliberately add extra temptation by displaying those areas that are known to be most arousing to most of the male population.

...There is a balance to strike here: while I will not flaunt and display my chest for the entire world, I also will not try to hide the fact that I have a feminine shape. God made me a woman; He shaped me like one. I don't need to prove that by "bringing my melons to the market," as we say in Dutch, but I also don't need to hide the fact. That would be telling God he made a mistake.

Very interesting thoughts. One ill postmodernism has wrought is the separation of the physical from the transcendent; it seems to me that it has led to our disrespect and lackidasical manner toward the physical. After all, if there is nothing beyond what we see, what does it matter what we do to our physical selves?

Coming from a Christian perspective, it's funny to me that people who believe God left His throne and came to earth as a human being, in a body just like the one we ourselves inhabit, tend to view the very bodies into which our spirits are instilled as extraneous and unimportant. How very silly! While the body is itself sacred (Christianity being the only faith in the world that believes the body is hoy, as it is itself the temple Christ chooses to indwell; when Christians gather, it's really a gathering of temples and sanctuaries), and is not meant to be put on display or offered to all, it is still beautiful; as someone once said, it is the most amazing instrument we will ever know or own.

As God saw fit to drape the already stately beauty of the oak with thousands of soft green leaves that only add to its beauty, so it is also fit for us to drape our own bodies with clothing that do the same. It's always important to remember that, yes, we are judged and our worth is determined by how we present ourselves; this is why it's wise to consider what, exactly, we're saying to the world by the things we choose to cover and the things we choose not to cover, and how it's done.


Welcome to 2008!
Happy new year's to you! I truly hope your Christmas or Hannukah and New Year's were wonderful. Many of you are still waiting for Ephiphany, which is of course this coming Sunday. Regardless, it's nice to be back on a regular schedule again, and I'm particularly glad that every one of the 15 dozen cookies I baked are no longer in our home.

How about you? Anything spectacular happen over the holiday break?

Tonight we're back with this simple, classic, extremely versatile lined grey woolen skirt. This vintage beauty is tagged size 12, but vintage sizes are of course far different; in modern terms, that's a 28-inch waist and 39-inch hips; the skirt is 28.5" from waist to hem and a very paltry $17. Thanks to the inner lining, you won't suffer from scratchy legs all day.

Now, the listing says the kick pleat belongs in front, but I think that's mistaken, thanks to the questionable, knee-length(ish) front-slitted skirts we saw several years ago. That's a rather modern interpretation for shorter skirts like this, and that's why I am pretty sure the zipper-button closure the seller says belongs in back actually belongs in front.

That aside, though, this skirt is one that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Equally at ease with a turtleneck, blouse, or even a big, fuzzy, snuggly sweater, it's a perfect example of classic style. Again, that low price makes this subtle beauty a real steal, too! From Nerdybird Vintage, who also runs accessory shop SnipSnap. Anyone who uses Elsie the Cow gets my vote as a cool person, and her handmade accessories are really lovely and ladylike; in fact, several would make fine extras worthy of addition to whatever outfits you build around this skirt.

Have a great night!

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to all of you!