Exotic Beauty

This pretty Amalia skirt is the kind I love this cool, windy time of year: pretty and feminine while also long enough that I can wear it without those irritating stockings.

Of course, I also love the beautiful, exotic print and flattering yet comfortable cut, and the whimsical bird applique on the pocket doesn't hurt, either. That the hem is finished off with binding that matches the print signals that this is a well-made piece of clothing; you're not going to find this quality of work at most stores without paying much more for it. Clearly this is pretty with a cami, but you could add (of course!) a fitted denim jacket or wear it with a sweater or blouse, too.

This skirt fits what I would define as a medium (due to the hip measurements, with a 32" waist and 37" hip. Handmade on a cozy mountaintop in Colorada's studio, this lovely skirt is $55. Her shop is full of very pretty, very ladylike and functional clothing as well as a few accessories, like this darling scarf made of velvet and featuring a luscious-looking pear. She uses some really lovely fabrics and her designs are very pretty, all of it with an earthy but modern classic flair...like Anthropologie, but without all of the fuss. Definitely stop in!



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