Fun Friday: Display Your Support of Wetlands!

It's fortunate that this world is so full of whimsical people, because without them, it would be a world facing a dearth of whimsical prints. Take the print on this vintage button-down from themoonismymother. Lilypads, dragonflies, pond grasses, even a few little frogs peering curiously out of the water bedeck this shirt in the sweetest of fashions.

The print isn't all there is to love; check out the flashy big, pointy collar, the cuffed sleeves, and the very nicely made button placket add class and sophistication to this pretty blouse. Wear it tucked in, or untucked with a wide belt.

It would probably fit a medium to large well, as it fits a 36" waist. $19.

Have a great weekend!

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