Welcome to 2008!
Happy new year's to you! I truly hope your Christmas or Hannukah and New Year's were wonderful. Many of you are still waiting for Ephiphany, which is of course this coming Sunday. Regardless, it's nice to be back on a regular schedule again, and I'm particularly glad that every one of the 15 dozen cookies I baked are no longer in our home.

How about you? Anything spectacular happen over the holiday break?

Tonight we're back with this simple, classic, extremely versatile lined grey woolen skirt. This vintage beauty is tagged size 12, but vintage sizes are of course far different; in modern terms, that's a 28-inch waist and 39-inch hips; the skirt is 28.5" from waist to hem and a very paltry $17. Thanks to the inner lining, you won't suffer from scratchy legs all day.

Now, the listing says the kick pleat belongs in front, but I think that's mistaken, thanks to the questionable, knee-length(ish) front-slitted skirts we saw several years ago. That's a rather modern interpretation for shorter skirts like this, and that's why I am pretty sure the zipper-button closure the seller says belongs in back actually belongs in front.

That aside, though, this skirt is one that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Equally at ease with a turtleneck, blouse, or even a big, fuzzy, snuggly sweater, it's a perfect example of classic style. Again, that low price makes this subtle beauty a real steal, too! From Nerdybird Vintage, who also runs accessory shop SnipSnap. Anyone who uses Elsie the Cow gets my vote as a cool person, and her handmade accessories are really lovely and ladylike; in fact, several would make fine extras worthy of addition to whatever outfits you build around this skirt.

Have a great night!

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