Snuggly Hoodie

The temperatures here are presently hovering in the balmy-for-December range of 50 to 60 degrees. Despite the thermometer reading, though, the damp and the wind can still leave one feeling a bit chilled even if it's too warm to haul out the woolen coat and gloves. This weather, during fall, is typically referred to as "sweater weather"; designer Lorigami comes to the rescue with this very pretty garden hoodie.

First of all, the colour is delicious, somewhere between mulberry and rose wine. This is a flattering shade, one most women can wear without trouble. Lorigami has turned what used to be a plain sweater and added yarn-like flower appliques to the sleeves, pockets, and hood, then added a vintage buckle closure made from mother of pearl. The hoodie features bell sleeves, which I happen to think are very pretty and romantic; the hood, of course, will keep you extra-toasty and (let's be honest) protect your hair and skin just a little better from the dry winter air.

This hoodie sweater is a large, though with sweaters like this size isn't quite as vital since it's meant to be worn over already-warm clothing. The bust is 48" and the sweater itself is quite long, appropriate for traipsing about outdoors, whether it's in and out of stores or just going in to pick up your crumb-crunchers from school.

$45 from Lorigami.



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