Snuggly Winter Blossom

This cherry blossom clutch is perfect to give as a gift or for you to carry to parties this year. Yet it needn't be stashed away once Christmas and New Year's are over: why not use it every day as a cosmetics case, to hold your cellphone and PDA in an easy-to reach spot in your purse, or to carry your camera with you during the day? It's a little bigger than 8 x 6, and on sale for a mere $20. Hand-knit with merino wool before being felted, the zipper-clutch features a pretty flower pin made of felt that you can wear on your coat, sweater, or scarf when it's not on your charming little clutch.

From My Jenny Wren, where you'll also find very cute gingerbread ornaments for decking your home and tree.



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