Midnight Beauty

All right, even Hubby (peeking over my shoulder) saw this and thought it was very pretty. From Red27 Jewelry, this square pendant necklace (no, you're not a square if you wear it, just the opposite) is unique and sophisticated. The square is made of an abalone shell in a gorgeous dark blue; the silver disc hanging within the shell is hematite. The pendant hangs from a sterling silver cable-style necklace
all closes in back with a lobster clasp, and one of the larger ones, too, so it's easier to fasten and unfasten. I think the square pendants and jewelry are often more interesting than the usual round shapes and even prefer square-faced watches on the rare occasion I wear one. There's something...solid and organized about them, though that could just be the blondness speaking.

This beauty is $27 and one of a kind; the artist may make things using similar inspiration but nothing exactly like a piece she's done before. Admirable creativity on her part! Red 27 also offers bracelets, earrings, rings, and even anklets, much of her work featuring beautiful natural materials.



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