Striped Perfection

Well, this dress isn't exactly wintry-weather wear (though I am certain some of our more sartorially intrepid readers could easily figure out a few ways to make it so), but after I saw it and continued looking, it just wouldn't leave my mind. It has to be the snappy collar and the pretty puffed, 3/4 length cuffed sleeves. Wonderful touches, aren't they? The collar has got to be my favourite part of the dress; quite stylish!

One thing I must admit to not being a fan of is the wearing of pants or leggings with vintage (or any) dresses. It seems that this trend, however lamentable, began when people began wearing leggings with tunics, because tunics are of course too short to be worn as dresses. While I appreciate this nod to modesty, it's just not necessary to wear leggings or, worse, pants with a dress, especially a vintage one, particularly if it's longer like this one. Doesn't that negate the point of wearing a dress? Yes, it's cold, but that is why God made boots and warm stockings (I hear old-style patterned cotton is back). Certainly it's all right to wear leggings under your dress during the run into the office, but...all day? It makes me sad. For me at least, they distract from the dress at best and look plain sloppy at worst (yes, there are worse things than distracting one's eyes from a pretty dress...!).

Anyhow. I'm not positive regarding the sizing of this vintage dress, as we're not told whether it's measured flat or not, aren't given bust or hip measurements...The listing says it's a medium/large with a waist that measures 20.5" across, but if that is a flat measure, this is definitely a large dress with a 41" waist; if you're lookimng for that size, definitely email the seller, good wiu!

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