Fun Friday: Fabulous Print, Fabulous Dress

Wow! Is this 50s vintage dress fantastic or what? This Asian-inspired print, cheerful greens over a black background, looks like ferns and flowers, with intermittent paisley-like bursts of turquoise, coral, white, and pink, make this one of the most festive and fun dresses I've seen in a long time. The contrasting neckline and hemline of pink and a sort of curry draw one's eyes right up to the face and serve to tone the dress down a bit, pulling it all together. The matching belt is included, and the dress, in great condition, zips right up the side. Once again, we find another fun, exciting dress that's very flattering yet modest. The full skirt will give the appearance of a nipped waist, the neckline is high enough to cover but V-necks always flatter and broaden the shoulders...this is such a wonderful little treat.

This one is a modern-sized large, with measurements of 40-32-free (though the belt, should you choose to wear it, makes it a 30-inch waist). It's such a sweet, pretty dress, so cheerful...you're bound to love wearing it, and it would be tempting to just hang it on the wall to look at as an art piece — but that would be a shame if that's all this frock ever got to do. This one was meant to be worn to parties! Bidding starts at $49.99 on eBay, and this gem from Luketania's Vintage can be yours until the bidding ends November 22 (yes, Thanksgiving Day). Snap this beautiful dress up today and I can guarantee no one will have anything like it.

Have a great weekend!



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