Pretty Skirt

Isn't this a lovely skirt? Chocolate-coloured fabric is made ladylike with flowers and butterflies embroidered in a pretty turquoise with a few small sequins sewn onto the skirt for that little extra kick - like bubbles in champagne. The knee-length wrap skirt is an extra large, 16/18, and made to tie in front or back per your preference. You probably won't be able to borrow one of my turquoise sweaters to wear with this, but they're not too hard to find this time of year; a white, chocolate, or turquoise blouse would match beautifully as wear. Finish the look with warm tights and cute shoes or just slip on knee-high boots (my favourite to keep legs warm on cold, windy days) and you're ready to head out in style!

$56 from Nicole Lee Designs, which (based on my perusal) seems to cater to larger women. Check out this fun retro wrap skirt, too. I really like her clean-lined but fun fashion sense; nothing boring or plain here.

I hope everyone had a great weekend; we finally got the first coat of primer up in our master bedroom! The sanding of joint compound took far longer than we thought it would, not to mention...well, new house means all sorts of things get moved around on the schedule, especially since football season is in full swing. Poor Rachel over at Hue probably thinks I've totally rejected her thoughts, but, no, just waiting for all the prep work to be done.

Our other big question right now is what to do with the kitchen. It's a cheery, beautiful shade of turquoise, but we're not sure how the stainless appliances will look with shiny white cabinets. I'd prefer white because it's more retro than the present natural oak stain, but...I'm not so sure. Not that it changes my state of bliss regarding that gorgeous new wall colour, though (it's Valspar's "Sea Wave", if you're curious). What do you think?



Blogger Rachel said...

no worries, Jen, i know renovations take time!

I think shiny white cabinets will fit in just fine with your lovely turquoise walls. what color will the counter tops be?
if you are worried the white will be too harsh, what about a soft creamy yellow like this?

Just as long as your yellow doesn't look like this! LOL

But seriously, how cute is this?

Blogger Elena said...

In her kitchen my aunt had her oak-stain-colored cabinets painted white; and she's got granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances, a white and oak dinette set, a chrome shelving unit, and a textured ironwork chandelier. She pulled it all together with a pretty, warm yellow paint and red accents.

I think your combo would work fine. All colors to the cool side of the spectrum...

Cute skirt!

Blogger Jen said...

Thanks, ladies!

Rachel, you and I are poring through the same Flickr streams. lol I recognized 2 of the 3 images! I'm not sure about the yellow...after all, we just pulled it out, and I think we want a really crisp look. Though if my tarragon cream sauce explodes all over the kitchen, it'll be harder to see on creamy-coloured cabinets... ;)

That second kitchen, with the top cabinets jutting out like airplanes or something, is...some kind of something. Hee. As far as the third one, I've faved it myself! Sure is cute and cheery to look at... Maybe I'll paint my laundry room like that. ;)

Blogger Felicia said...

Very delicious!

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