Bijoujuju Fall

This autumn-themed pendant from Bijoujuju is perfect for the season and even beyond (as Southern artist Shannon suggests as well). Quite a few people I know consider fall to be their favourite season, so it must be a common affection; therefore, there'd be no reason for you to feel silly wearing this in, say, March, because your fellow autumn-philes will completely understand.

Also, the pendant is named quite cleverly. Just trust me.

The beautifully stylized image — Hubby says the tree reminds him of the trees on Hollin's Gate in Tolkein's mythological Middle-Earth — has been transferred onto the polymer pendant, and it all hangs from a silk cord. The image is protected by a triple seal, and it's just $16.

The nice thing about Bijoujuju is that if you see something you like and ponder it for a few days only to find it sold, she'll do her best to make another of the same item for you. She's also got these fantabulous grab bags of pendants that don't meet her high standards, but she'll sell you four or five "perfectly imperfect" pendants for about $10! They're not imperfect, really; they just have slightly more quirky personalities.

In addition to these polymer pendants, this Texas-based shop (let's here it for the Lone Star State!) is also home to photographic prints, rich beaded necklaces and earrings and fused glass treats. There are even a few semi-precious gems in her shop, so head on over!



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