Seasonally Appropriate

This adjustable metal wire ring is just that, don't you think? The glass centerpiece of the ring showcases original artwork of a branch in what most of us are seeing more and more of as the days pass: nearly-bare tree branches. Handmade by Julie, this ring is entirely of her design and $20. You can even get the matching necklace, or how about a coordinating one with a bird singing away on one of the branches? I'm also rather partial to this copper-wire owl ring, featuring a cute little retro-style owl.

Available from Handmade Julz, whose shop also lets you choose from nearly 100 regularly updated designs created by the artist herself to create your own ring, necklace, or bracelet. Her graphic art is varied and fascinating to look at, from retro to lovely to fun to urban.

I spent the entire day carefully painting our garage door and get to put coat two on tomorrow. I say "entire day" because the colour I initially chose (and the colour that looked perfect in the store) turned out to be rather yellow on the door itself despite a healthy coat of primer! This necessitated a trip to Lowe's for new paint (the charmingly named "Lettuce Alone" from Olympic Paints that is more of a celery, but who's complaining?), re-priming when I got home, and impatiently waiting for the primer to dry before putting the first coat on.

After all that, though, the garage looks very nice and we both love the colour, one coat to go or not! Unfortunately, none of my other work got done, which means the backlog will continue to pile up until it curves over me like a slow-motion tidal wave...

Perhaps it's better to not think about that.

;) Have a great night!



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