Fun Fridays: Vespa Girl

It's rather hard to believe this hasn't been snapped up already, Vespas being so chic of late. Winter approaching or not, if you like Vespas, this strapless dress is for you. You could still get away with it depending on the weather where you are, or stash it in the closet and have something to smile about all winter, anticipating as you'll be the day you can wear it.

What was originally a Ruby Rox dress has had a red Vespa applique sewn on, a surprising touch I doubt anyone will be expecting to see on this polka-dotted, cosmopolitan little dress. You could also switch out that blue ribbon for a red one - very cute! There's blue netting beneath the dress for additional fullness and swoosh-iness.

Personally, I find strapless dresses to be rather difficult to wear, but the starlet-used double-stick dress tape is available at places as mundane as JoAnn Fabrics (few things are more annoying than to be pulling up one's dress all night at a wedding or while at a picnic or...well, anywhere). Also, keep in mind that if you're sitting at the table, it's good manners to wear something over your shoulders; otherwise, a lady runs the risk of looking, at first glance, as if she's wearing nothing at all, and we wouldn't want anyone to choke on that rubbery chicken or Grandma's homemade fried turkey legs (or whatever your Grandma makes). A fitted jacket, pretty sweater, or silky wrap would do nicely.

This is a wearable size at 36-32 with open hips and a 35" length. Exclusive to the shop of the peach, where you'll find more Vespa goodies, bags, vintage patterns and clothing, and other splendid little treats.

Have a great weekend!

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Lovely dress :)

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