Modern Bustle

One of my favourite skirts is a long denim skirt that is flared at the bottom and has a slight bustling effect in the back. Something about that bustling feels so girly and feminine, plus it's just a lovely detail. This beautiful silk bustled skirt from Devotions, a sister shop to Princess Izzy, has the same neat feature. The vintage kimono fabric boasts lovely red and gold flower medallions on a black field, with white vines in between.

The colours are perfect for fall, and thanks to the bustling in back, it will fit anyone from size 10 to 18. This would be lovely for a wedding or a luxe choice for a workday when you'd really rather just stay home (my attitude about such days is that one might as well wear a favourite thing to make the day a bit better).

This one is of such classic style you're sure to enjoy it for years to come. Handmade with love and just $58.

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