Peacoat Perfection
Well, you simply can't look me in the eye and tell me this isn't one of the prettiest wool peacoats you ever did see, can you? This vintage coat is an original from the 60s, made by Peabody House in London. Colour aside, I just adore the gorgeous cut of the snuggly-looking outerwear: the way it sort of flares along the seam, a very femininely tailored look, and of course that fabulous collar. The big buttons follow the seamline, drawing your eye to what is a very sleek-looking, elegant coat - one with a sparkle of whimsy thanks to its yellow plaid.

I'd say this would fit a small to medium lass - it has 36"-36" bust and waist measurements, is 40" long, and the sleeves are 24". It is another auction from eBay seller Kashute: the auction ends Monday, the 24th, and the bidding starts at $49.99. Good luck!

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Anonymous Felicia said...

Beautiful coat!

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