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I've been chatting with artist and life-coach Inna of eeni-ren designs via email recently, after I emailed her about pictures of her products to use here on Pretty/Modest. She's a Pittsburgh native (who lives in one of the coolest parts of town, to boot) who is quite fun to talk with, and her work is really wonderful, full as it is of unique beads and fashioned very artistically.

I originally chose these earrings a couple of weeks ago because they matched something featured the previous night, but she wasn't sure about the quality of the photos and whether they'd be good enough or not, and we got to talking about houses and Pittsburgh and photos, and you know how all that is. At any rate, these $32 earrings feature large green freshwater pearls - so pretty! - and two small white ones. Not only do I like the soft, gentle colours, the oval shape of the pearls is quite unique. Overall, the effect of the earrings, with the subtly flirty swirl of sterling silver beneath, is very sophisticated and refined but not at all stuffy or overly dramatic.

The other item I saw and had to feature is the Dreaming of Another Time reversible pendant, which I'm teasing you with by showing just one side of. Both sides feature delightful vintage portraits of lovely ladies, kept safe by glass covers and a hand-soldered frame. The chain is about 19.5" long, although you can get a different length if you like. Only $30, and there are several more on her what's new page.

Inna told me she's getting ready to revamp her shop with new pictures soon, but her site is plenty fine as it is (her logo is a fabulous tribute to Art Deco). Her show schedule and a list brick & mortar shops carrying her work are on her website as well in case you want to check out her work in person. Of course, any order over $50 ships free, so this is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a few things for yourself or your friends.

Have a wonderful evening!

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