Fun Friday: Arrr, Avast!

Well, the final (?) Pirates of the Caribbean didn't do as well as its predecessors this year, doubtless to the dismay of Disney, who spent a pretty penny on it. Altogether it wasn't bad, and now that the sting of my initial disappointment regarding the senseless killing of one of the characters and a few bland spots, it was pretty fun. However, PotC III's lackluster performance at the box office probably didn't bode well for merchandising (though I find the soundtrack enjoyable enough - all three are good, come to think of it, though the first consists primarily of a complete ripoff of the "Gladiator" theme, something that continued throughout the series and is no doubt the reason for Klaus Badelt being ejected from the project and the job being given to Hans Zimmer).

Anyhow. (Got THAT off my chest!) Even though pirates were not as fun or marginally nice as Disney's version, they do have that certain cool factor. More interestingly, to me at least, is the whole idea of being on a massive ship in the wide open sea. Clearly, my English blood rises close to surface when I consider standing at the bow of a ship (aren't Interceptor and especially Dauntless great names for sea-faring vessels?), the merciless and powerful green waves of the sea pushing us forward - or, as it may be, try to pull us under. Sometimes, yes, there is a slight concern that I might be a bit crazy.

(I really do like the idea of open sea...too many Errol Flynn movies as a girl, I suppose.)

In honour of the fun theatrical pirates have always provided for us, here's a fun necklace featuring a pirate ship, a bonny vessel worthy of any pirate or commodore. The charm and chain are sterling silver, and the ship itself has been hand pierced - very nice work, really! Copper versions will be available soon, but for now, if you love the sea or pirates, you can live out your sea-faring fantasies by donning your very own ship, courtesy of Kelly Lyn Raspa. $75, no fee for ship-naming registration. ;)

Have a great weekend! We're gong to be busy busy with the new house. ;)

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