Orange Delight

Oh, is this not a dish of a skirt? From the very capable hands of Kaite from KatinkaPinka, this beauty is sure to be a favourite. Stylish and fun, it's made entirely of vintage. The skirt itself is linen, and is topped with a sweetly embroidered, lace-trim linen doily Kaite has stitched to the skirt's front apron-style - yet the effect is far from frumpy or old-fashioned. This is one of the most fashion-forward pieces I've seen in a long time! Vintage eyelet trim has been tucked in underneath the linen at the hem, and a few inches above the hem a fabulously bright, cheerful citron green hem tape sparkles away, a perfect contrast with the gorgeous orange of this skirt. A little green bow is attached to the doily for continuity's sake, and it is the perfect finishing touch, don't you think?

The skirt is $52, made with love for you by Kaite. This skirt has so much personality it's amazing. The waist is 31.5", hips are 38" and it's a comfortable 27" long (zip close in back). Kaite does warn that the doily "apron" is off center by less than 1/4" but notes it is nearly undetectable. Frankly, I don't think anyone would notice (a newbie sewer myself, I can attest to how difficult it can be to perfectly center something; thank God for seam allowances!).

Now, I featured Kaite back in May, with a gorgeous skirt - one my husband thought was so 'me' he bought it several days later for me as a surprise, hiding it from me for over a month! Eeek! (There is a very similar skirt still in the store). Thus I can attest to the fine work Kaite puts into the skirts - the one I have looks nothing less than perfectly professional, and frankly, just looking at it makes me smile. Furthermore, this is the second time I've used a form of "delightful" to describe something from her shop, and two for two is not bad.

In addition to this skirt, she offers quite a few pretty ones, all of modest length and high style; rectifying something I noted last time, she has some really cute tops now, too - as well as, of course, her lovely jewellry, hair treats, and even some retro-style collage artwork. I think this is going to be one of my favourite Etsy shops, because unsurprisingly, I already see about four other things I would like. ;)



Anonymous Laura J. said...

Too cute! I'm seeing a color theme developing here . . . orange and greens . . . jewelry yesterday, clothing today. :)

And what a marvelous husband you have to buy that skirt for you and surprise you with it! I concur -- it is absolutely you!

Blogger Bejeweled said...

So many cute things! And such varied stock -- you can put together a whole stylish outfit with cute accessories in one place :)

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