Fun Friday: Any Resemblance Is Surely Coincidental + A Contest

Happy Friday, everyone! It's a scorcher here but I'm honestly loving it. Too long in cold weather climes can warp one's mind so that 90 degrees and humid is "heavenly". I've also been packing up the apartment, and I took down all of my small pictures down (the big ones just have to stay on the wall) and it has made the place look quite naked and cold. *sigh* It'll be nice to get into the house and put up some paint and get all of my art back on the walls; a lot of it has been languishing in the back of closets.

Anyhow, check out today's earrings. I'm sure their resemblance to a certain well-known sci-fi ship is completely unintentional, aren't you? Made of legos and attached to silver French hooks, these little earrings gave me a giggle and I'm sure you'll get a kick out of them too. For just $6, you can afford to buy them to wear to the next outer space marathon or give to a favourite semi-geeky friend (I'll admit to enjoying Star Trek myself). From Gr0glmann's where you'll find all kinds of lego jewelry from the "Hey, is that really a Lego?" to "Oh my gosh, that is too funny."

Contest, did I say? Yes, Christa Taylor, whose lovely dresses I featured a little while back, is having a great little contest where you can win $150 worth of clothing from the store, just by adding items to a wishlist on the store's website. Contest ends September 1 and no purchase is necessary, so hurry on over and sign up!

Make A Wish Contest

It's Joan Crawford night on TCM (why they didn't wait until her birthday, the 22nd, I'm not sure, but I won't complain) and I'm ready to snuggle in with some sorbet and embroidery to enjoy myself. I know her makeup became quite terrifying in the late 50s, but she was truly one of the most beautiful, gorgeous women to ever come out of Hollywood (this is one of my favourite pictures of her). Hubby will...well, probably try not to strangle himself. ;D

For the full "Summer Under The Stars" schedule, here you go. They're featuring my favourite actor of all time Sunday - Jimmy Stewart, all day long.

Have a great weekend!

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