Pretty Frocks from Christa Taylor

Really, it makes me so happy to see dresses are a hot item this summer. Feminine, pretty, comfortable and the easiest thing in the world to throw on when you're running late, they make a lot of sense. Whether you go vintage or modern, there are a lot of lovely and modest dressed out there this year - or those that can easily be made more modest, such as the dress I found Saturday. The neckline's a wee bit low for my comfort, but I'm just going to hand-sew a bit of coordinating satin ribbon inside the neckline so it's wearable. If you're uncomfortable baring your arms for whatever reason, it's easy to top your dress off with a light sweater or jacket.

Of course, even the most beautiful summers are marred (kind of) by rainy days when there's a slight chill in the air. Or you just aren't body-temperature challenged like I am and you prefer short and cap sleeves. Regardless, these classic and classy coat dresses - in black and white - from Christa Taylor are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. In a timeless shirtwaist style, they'll quickly become a turn-to staple. The perfectly contrasting piping on the princess and edges will slim and lengthen your figure, not to mention add instant style. A matching wide belt is included, too - all you need is a great pair of shoes and maybe a bracelet and you're good to go! For just $55, you have something that will rise above not just the ever-changing fashion trends, but is ladylike, pretty, and quite chic. The sizes are of a decent range, too.

Christa Taylor, like many of us, became frustrated when long shopping trips resulted in only scanty returns, because so much of what's available is ill-fitting and far too revealing. Finally, she began designing her own clothing that is modest yet chic - the website notes,

We love to assemble modest clothing that is truly beautiful and unique to satisfy the high standards of both the posh and trendy girl (We resoundingly reject frumpiness!). We unashamedly desire to change the world of fashion. We want to convert you to an Empowered Traditionalist. An Empowered Traditionalist challenges the notion that to be modest you must compromise beauty and attractiveness.

At Christa Taylor we're pioneering a modest clothing revolution. Our team is committed to designing trendy and modest clothes that match your unique style. We are fashions for the empowered traditionalist; offering chic, feminine, and modern modest clothing options that are carefully selected to bring you premium quality and a totally modish [chic+modest=modish] flair that allows you to keep up with all the latest trends. We love creating those modest skirts, trendy tops, modest dresses, modest swimwear, and accessories that you had previously only dreamed about.

Gotta love that. Additionally, Christa Taylor gives at least 30% of its profits to charity, trying to help the poor and unjustly treated around the world. Thirty percent!

In addition to these fabulous dresses, Christa Taylor also offers tops, skirts, swimwear, and accessories. I'll admit to being not too crazy about the swimwear, especially in the face of this year's 40s and 50s swimsuit revival and the - imagine this! - Esther Williams collection (quite apropos to its namesake and mostly kosher), so fair warning. That's my only issue, though, and we all know I've got a wide vintage 40s-love streak in me. There are some very cute tops and skirts, though, and overall, many tempting goodies at the online shop.

All from Christa Taylor. Enjoy your shopping!

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Blogger rhembein said...

Oh! Love the contrasts!! And they really do look fun and trendy, yet in a posh style. Cute.

I wonder if I could convince people I was posh by wearing it?! Or might they "figure me out" when they notice the muddy gumboots?! Hee hee.


Blogger Jen said...

Hee! You just need those adorable new gumboots that come in girly plaids, polka dots, and flower prints. lol

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