Meet Jane Jetson

That's what these fabulous earrings from the extremely talented and created Cat Bishop of Artsy remind artist Cat and me of, with the bright colours of the millefiore beads and super-cute turquoise disc beads, reminiscent of little flying saucers. The bali silver beads are perfect accents, pulling the square and round beads together and of course providing us with a little sparkle. They'll hang from your ears with little sterling silver hooks and be the perfect fun accent to your spring and summer wardrobe.

The plethora of colours in the millefiori beads mean these earrings will coordinate nicely not just with orange or turquoise, but red, green, and white as well (I can't see these capping off a royal or cobalt blue top; so much for that). Really, these are just such fun to look at, it doesn't matter what they match - they're pretty irresistible, don't you think? Only $16 from Cat's shop, and if you like the turquoise discs featured at the bottom of the earrings, these are the last such beads in the Artsy stash and I recommend snapping them up right now. Cat Bishop's store is full of great jewelry, fabulous retro sculptures made of found objects, and now art prints of her robot sculptures/assemblages, and it's one of my favourite shops to look through. Enjoy!



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Awww, thanks so much SweetJen, you are too kind.


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