Peonies In Blue
It's my sincere hope that y'all are enjoying the act that spring has finally arrived. My suspicion is that we brought the gorgeous Lexington weather back with us to the northern and eastern regions, and it's a good thing since it was hard enough to leave Kentucky Sunday afternoon (my heart breaks a little bit every time I leave the Bluegrass, you know). We've enjoyed the ability to take a couple of walks since we've gotten back, and are glad that the weather looks like it will finally start holding! What have you been doing to enjoy the long-awaited turn in weather?

To celebrate the blooming plants, warm breezes, and glorious warm sunshine of spring (not to mention cute baby critters), I had to feature a cheery springy item - I think this will become a habit, so great is my joy at the advent of beautiful weather and longer days. This cotton Marisa skirt from Seattle-based BellaStyle has been cut in a universally flattering A-line with a nice modest length. There's a hidden zipper (as a newbie seamstress, I can tell you they are intimidating at first but eventually become less frightening) and is, joy of joys, lined with linen - no need to wear a slip, and linen is of course a nice cool, natural fabric. For an extra-pretty touch, the artist has taken a cream satin ribbon and added it to the hem, sewn it into a simple bow on the side, and added a very pretty flower button in the center of the bow.

What I really love is the fabulous blue-and-cream print - it's almost mouthwatering. The blue background is perfect a perfect blue and the print is really lovely. Pair it with a blue top, a cream one, maybe a red one if you're feeling particularly sassy or cheery. A steely-grey sweater might be a nice match, too, based on the look of the leaves and shading on the peonies.

Perhaps best of all, this $70 skirt is custom-made. Yes, custom-made! All you need to do is provide Bella Style with your waist and hip measurements upon placing your order, and you're good to go. There are several other prints and skirt styles available, all custom-fit to your fabulous figure (the black and white damask Marisa is another beauty).

Bella Style offers all kinds of beautiful handmade things - skirts, headbands, handbags, home decor goodies, as well as photography prints and greeting cards. Enjoy perusing the shop!



wow thank you so very much for featuring my store. You did such a great job with the descriptions. Thank you very much for your kind words.


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