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This girl is still playing catchup from her one-year wedding anniversary vacation, so I'll have to keep this brief (oh, stop laughing... ;D ). Tonight I'm featuring this lovely Obi ring from Beadoodles. A bead of rainforest jasper is flanked by knots of sterling silver. There's a lot of variety in the stones and the crystal inclusions on each, and the artist is happy to work with you if there's a certain look you'd like, such as bigger crystals, more variation in texture, or even spots of orange in the stone.

The artist's philosophy about the relationship between people and art makes a lot of sense to me, so I'll share it:

I could get all philosophical and wax on about the symbiotic relationship between people and art* but I really enjoy making and seeing the fruits of my labor, and seeing them travel happily to a new home!....This is why I create things to be used. Jewelry is made to be worn; and when it is, it expresses both the style of the wearer and the vision of the maker. Journals are the medium for the written word or the drawn subject. The owner's individual art or thoughts only enhance my own. There is no greater thrill than seeing my art worn or used. It is then I know that my artistic vision is complete.

Her slogan is "it's the little things that make life happy", and being a details dame myself, I have to agree with her. She takes great pride in her work, and with much reason - it's beautiful in some cases, fun in others, and expressive of talent and creativity on all counts. I can assure you that she'll be another artist we'll be hearing from again here on Pretty/Modest - it was difficult for me to choose just one treat for you, when there are things like this, this, this....

At only $12, this piece is a real steal, and it's so beautiful I think it's perfect to wear just about anywhere. The colours and appearance of the stone make it perfect for summer. From Beadoodles, home of some gorgeous stuff I think you'll enjoy browsing through and, I hope, wearing!

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Blogger rhembein said...

Happy Anny!! And cute ring! I like how it looks organicly pretty! Simple, but so stunning, like nature tends to be! :)


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