Green With Envy

I've got a thing for chiffon, particularly chiffon in a green print. Doubtless this is part of my love for all things elegantly feminine and twirly, as well as the lightness of chiffon. But I think it's also due in part to my affection for Gone With the Wind, the book and the beautiful film: if you're a fan too, there's no way you can forget Scarlett's beautiful, airy, chiffon-looking muslin dress studded with green and that emerald-green belt. The little stinker broke all sorts of conventions wearing that dress when and where she did just as the War of Northern Aggression broke out, of course, but who cares? More screen time for one of the best dresses in cinematic history (I actually saw the pattern for it a few months ago and very unwisely let it go; I'll be forever regretful).

So it's probably shocking to you that I'm featuring this dreamy, floaty, vintage chiffon cocktail dress, isn't it? The seller thinks it's from the 1940s. It has a side zip and the pretty rhinestone clips on the bust. The belt isn't included, but a little hunting around vintage shops or even just a ribbon belt (easily made) would work as well (maybe accented with a rhinestone pin?). Other than that, it's in excellent condition! It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it looks to be fully lined as well. It also appears that the hem has green ribbon backing it, a very nice touch and a sign of a well-made dress.

This beauty would be perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, the theatre or orchestra, or anytime you are in a particularly romantic mood. I know green doesn't ring everyone's bell, but it's not often worn so vibrantly and prettily as on a dress such as this. Sized 42-36-48, the bidding starts at $39 and the sale ends Thursday night. Nine people are already vying for this beauty, so don't be left out!



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