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Well, here is the first of quite a few retro, vintage-style dresses and skirts (being very picky about tops, those are more difficult for me to find). I think this will be a week full of curvaliciously sized dresses, how about that? This is our first, and in a red and white chrysanthemum cotton print. It is so cute and cheery, if it caught my eye among the mass of dresses during my skimming, it is sure to brighten up everyone else's day as well - especially yours. The nice thing about dreses everyone forgets is that they're easy to wear - just throw it on with the right shoes and perhaps a sweater or wrap and you're good to go just about anywhere.

I'm not sure what I like better about this dress - that it's a cute poofy thing, or that this is a wrap dress. Both are incredibly flattering styles no matter your size, and having a two-in-one, so to speak, is definintely quite the deal! You can bow-tie the wrap, turn it into a simple overhand knot using both ribbons and smoothing it into a sort of 'sqroundness', or wrap it around your waist (not a look I recommend as it visually cuts you in half and makes you look heavier than you are and shapeless). There's a nice modest but still comfortable v-neck adorned with metal studs on the stand-up collar. I like the red collar, tie, and cuffs on the comfy dolman sleeves; it lends a finished look to the dress.

The other feature I like is the subtly tiered skirt. Cute, isn't it? To prevent unintentional flashing, the sweeping skirt has hidden metal snaps; to make your life easier, there's also a hidden pocket at the hip. With all the colours in this one there are a lot of accessory options - red, white, pink, even green or indigo. While I'd be very likely to pair this with a pair of red or skin-toned peep-toes or slingbacks, ballet slippers would be a more comfy, walking-intensive option. And of course, a string of colourful beads will look darling and perfect with this dress.

Best of all is the size: 42-36-free hip. (I told you I've been dig, dig, digging away for your benefit.) At the moment it's selling for $26, but there's still two and a half days before the auction ends and this one seems to be getting some action - scarf it up!

Now, while the dress is in good condition overall, according to the seller, it's not perfect. The right side of the collar is missing a few of its studs, but these are easily replaced by a seamstress or even yourself if you ask the ladies at the fabric counter nicely for help. Additionally, there is a dingy yellow area on the fabric that appears to be near the top rear tier of the dress; usually, vintage sellers don't launder these before listing them, so perhaps hand-washing in lukewarm water and some white vinegar (really) or/and then Orvus will remove the spots and brighten them up. If not (you could try a Tide stick in a teeeeeeny spot), a dry cleaner might be able to help you out, provided they are accustomed to dealing with vintage clothing (not all are, so be careful). Personally, I've learned that at least with cottons, washing, washing again, washing again really does a world of good as well as teaching one valuable lessons about patience and perseverance!

You can also check out Vintage Vixen's vintage clothing stain guide or, perhaps better, Cat's Pajama's vintage clothing care page. Anyhow, I think either of these can be easily repaired without too much trouble. The colour is obviously beautiful and bright, and there are no holes or rips in the dress.

This is a really beautiful dress, one I think you'll love and feel beautiful in for years to come. Hurry on over!



Blogger Elena said...

That dress is totally dang cute!!!

OK, I really gotta pull out the tape measure now.

And to start looking for patterns... If I can sew Barbie clothes, I can sew human adult-size clothes!

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