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Sorry about no post last night; we visited my family near the Motor City to celebrate Hubby's and my birthdays - we're a eight days apart - and to pick up the top tier of our wedding cake, which Mom and Dad have had in their basement freezer for nearly a year. (The actual big day is April 22 - I can't believe it's already been a year!) Anyhow, it was a little hectic after getting home late Sunday evening, leaving me so tied up last night I hadn't the time to search and write.

By the way, I did a little adjusting with the template. For those of you who had to scroll downdowndown, down, doooobie-doooobie down to read, is this any better?

On to the dress! I don't think this dress is strictly rockabilly - with a sweater it'll look just at home in the office or church as it will at the state fair or bowling alley without.

A vintage 1950s semi-checked dress (look at the waist detail closeup - it looks like four tiny white hearts inside a red circle), this is also a dress in a somewhat bigger size - 40-30-42. I really like the bright red buttons gaily making their way down the dress - almost good enough to eat, like ripe little cherries. Now, the dress is not mint: a little "VERY light" underarm discolouration and slight fraying along one arm. Some cleaning love might take care of the color issues. That said, I think some white bias tape would probably take care of both problems quite snappily and no one would ever know the defects were there. Besides, this dress even comes with the white patent belt! As a longtime vintage shopper, I can tell you it's often tough to find dresses where the seller will let the belt go along with the frock.

Probably due to the fraying and mild discolouration, this dress is a steal at only $9.00. Yes, $9.00. And bias tape will set you back, oh, three bucks (and if you can't sew it on yourself, I am sure you know someone who can and will - for free or under $10). Even if this is just a dress you bum around the house or to the grocery store in, I think it's worth it. The pattern of the dress is cheerful and sweet, and of course the style is classic, comfortable, and modest without being staid (hard to be staid in red checks, you know). But dash in and snatch it up now - the sale ends Thursday night!



Blogger Elena said...

Too cute!!

You should have seen the red gingham strappy heeled sandals I found at a thrift store recently. Pink Kitty made me put them back. They would have looked faboo with this dress. Or... maybe too much gingham! ;o)

Love what you're doing with this blog. You always pick great stuff!

Now... where to find plus-sized vintage? Do such things exist?

Blogger SweetJen said...

Oh, they sound cute!

I am looking for plus size vintage, I really am. Unfortunately, sizes like this are considered large because back then, the women wore pretty amazing foundation garments. It makes finding vintage for more common sizes pretty difficult.

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