Spring Hath Sprung!

Yes, it's the official announcement, at least from my neck of the woods. Yesterday we had a temperature of nearly 70 degrees and buckets of glorious, shimmering sunshine. Unsurprisingly, this inspired me to pop out onto our balcony and start moving flowerpots around in preparation for spring planting (which doesn't happen until Mother's Day per family tradition, but I'm organized like that) to find my Stella D'Oro daylilies - those gigantic yellow lilies - are already peeking up through the soil! It was wonderful to see those little green shoots beginning to appear. I hope the weather is turning nicely for everyone. Anybody else get ridiculously excited when she sees the first few flowers of spring begin to appear?

In honour of this joyous and felicitous occasion, tonight I share with you this elegant hair pin from RubyVegas. A simple three-inch pin is made exceptional with the addition of a flower made of silver wire, white glass pearls and clear, light-catching Swarovski pearls. The flower itself measures four inches across, and the petals can be shaped and customized to your hairstyle.

While this would be a beautiful accessory for a bride (or even the mother of the bride), I think any woman could add a touch of beauty to her day by tucking this eternal bloom into her chignon, bun, braid - anything! It's such a delicate, ladylike, romantic piece of jewelry, isn't it? Very beautiful, with a tantalizing hint of glamour and whimsy.

Each flower is made to order in gold or sterling and any colour beads you like. At only $22 per flower, I think this is a great buy - especially having spent countless hours searching for the perfect wedding hair jewels myself last year and finding myself agog over personality-free $45 rhinestone bobby pins that my cat could probably make.

From the talented mind and hands of RubyVegas, where you'll find some terrific wire jewelry. Enjoy!



Anonymous txmom2jami said...

"finding myself agog over personality-free $45 rhinestone bobby pins that my cat could probably make."

Jen, you are sooooo funny! And you're right -- this hair pin is simply beautiful!

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