Come spring or the always too-far-off approach thereof, and my fancy turns to bright, mouthwatering greens. In fact, I have always liked springy greens and since I hail from a long line of O'Haras, perhaps its just genetic. There is something about a vast expanse of green lushness (see: Lexington, Kentucky) that simultaneously soothes and thrills my heart, so any reminder of a rolling meadow makes me a happy lady.

At any rate, green (in Western culture) represents life, nature, freshness and even fertility. Psychological studies have found that green has a very calming effect on our emotions, giving rise to feelings of hope, good health, and even responsiveness and sharing. Furthermore, green apparently has a strong correspondence in our minds with safety, something I find very interesting. Even more so: when London's Blackfriar Bridge was painted green, suicides dropped 34% (makes me wonder what colour it was before...)!

Of course, green is a mix of yellow and blue, and the dominant colour is what tends to trigger certain emotions, so if you prefer yellow over blue or vice versa, seek out greens in those shades. Restful on the eye and reminiscent of trees, flowers, delicious Granny Smith apples and velvety moss, it's no wonder green is a favourite of so many, and many shades are considered a neutral by interior designers.

Suffice to say, when I find something lovely in green I am quite likely to feature it, expecially when it is extra cute, like this extremely fabulous green chocolate bubbles handbag from Puton Verbenero. Not only is the print on the bag itself fun and cheerful, it's fully lined in a soft, linen-look green cotton, and there's a two-compartment pocket for all of your important small goodies. The bag is big enough to carry your entire day's needs inside and you'll look perfectly stylish the whole time.

$26 from Puton Verbenero, where in addition to still more hip handbags, you'll find dressess, skirts, belts, and some truly darling brooches and other jewelry. She even has a handbag with splashes of orange so that all St. Paddy's Day weekend, you'll be fully covered.


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great article on green. i never knew that little tid bit on the bridge...

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