Those little nimble musicians of the air...

Since I was a small child, I've loved, loved birds. We had a wonderful cockatiel named Joey (short for Joseph until she laid an egg, at which point she became Josephine) who was more like a puppy than a small parrot - but then again, that's what psitaccines are like. I could probably have told you just about anything regarding pet birds, since I dearly wanted to be an avian veterinarian, and watching wild birds go about their daily business was (and is) a great joy to me. Birds are not only beautiful but quite clever - so why wouldn't a woman want to associate herself with these golden-throated creatures of the air?

Today we have these pretty, vintage-inspired pendants: Blossom, with a pretty turquoise songbird gazing at a pink flower, Sing (in peachy-orange) and Happiness (appropriately featuring a bluebird) necklaces from Jeweled Elegance. The bird-themed pendants are handmade of antiqued wood and display a hand-drawn bird. Due to the nature of their creation, no two are alike, and each one hangs from an eighteen-inch leather necklace with a small silver lobster clasp. Sing for $22, Blossom right along with impending spring for $22, or bring the bluebird of Happiness into your day for $24.

Yup, that was cheesy. But it's Monday... *ahem*

What really got my attention - other than the bird-ness - is the very pretty, very sweet vintage style these have. Theyr'e absolutely charming and singular in their own right. If you ask me, designer Heather has a good thing going here!

All of these beauties are from Jeweled Elegance, where you can also find wedding jewelry, gorgeous Japanese paper earrings, fun retro-style jewelry (including some fun mod stuff), elegant and playful earrings - all of it wonderfuly designed and made with great attention to colour combinations and detail (as we know, God is in the details, righ?). There's even a collar necklace inspired by Cleopatra that I can picture a few of my favourite bellydancers donning for a show. From whimsical to the sublimely elegant, I don't think you'll be able to peek through Jeweled Elegance without finding something you'd be more than happy to wear. Heather wraps every order in delicious packaging and is currently offering free earrings with every order of $20 or more - so hurry over! And, of course...enjoy!

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