Tag, I'm It! (Run. Run far, far away.)

As I mentioned last night, Rhembein has tagged me to show the favorite thing I've made recently. It's difficult to choose, especially since I'm really just beginning to learn (read: teach myself after a crash course from my wonderful mother-in-law) to sew, and still have a not-so-mild fear of utterly ruining something due to my novice status. I could post one of the handmade cards I so love to make (you can see them all here), but since all of the crafty ladies before me have posted a sewn thing, here we go: my cute little handbag. I lined it with the legs from a favorite old pair of pants I no longer wear, and there's a pretty pocket inside to hold my cellphone, lipstick, and other small, easily-buried items.

It's made from my mom's old curtains. When I was in my last apartment, I spent a lot of time painting and decorating to make it comfy and cozy for guests. Mom was also in the process of redecorating my parents' home, and when she visited one day, she said, "You really need curtains for that doorwall. I'll give you mine, since I'm buying new ones." Not long thereafter, I spent the majority of an evening watching All About Eve and hanging my lovely new curtains, which added a beautiful finishing touch to the room.

Sadly, in our new home, there's no room to hang them (there's an odd part of the ceiling which is lower over our doorwall, and I couldn't get them arranged properly). I tucked them into my stash of fabric until one day I decided they'd make a really fun purse with a vintage feel. This is the result of my efforts, and I admit to being pretty proud of the result - it was the first thing I'd made without a real pattern (indeed, I barely measured...eek!). And it's a purse. So it's perfectly modest (providing I don't have $100 bills sticking out of it, which I don't see in my immediate future). ;)

I'm sometimes a little sad that I destroyed the curtains, because they were elegant and chic, but I'm also glad I was brave enough to try this out. And now Mom's curtains can go anywhere with me. :)

Now I have to tag someone, and I think I'll tag my jewelry-making friend Elena, as I'm eager to see her work!

By the way, you definitely want to check out all the St. Paddy's day cute coming in the March Sampler; if you're a seamstress, ReproDepot is offering a 20% discount for the entire month of March! Try not to drool on your keyboard (I know...it's really tough.)

Your Fun Friday item, possibly items, will be up later today.

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