Wear Your Veggies
Well, I almost featured a $64 glass bead bracelet, but became more and more uncomfortable with it as I neared the end of the post: I just couldn't do it. If I wouldn't pay $64 for something, why should I expect you to do so? Especially when...well, it was lovely, but more like $30 lovely, not $64 lovely. In fact, I have a bracelet quite similar to the one I wanted to feature, and I paid about $25 for it a couple of years ago. So that's one of the other rules around here - unless it's really an exceptional goodie that makes my heart go pitter-patting into overdrive, I won't feature it if I myself wouldn't pay the asking price. Since I also believe no one can really afford to buy cheap things (because they don't last) and am not afraid to spend a little extra for real quality, you can rest assured the chic factor won't go away (if you are concerned, just check out the items I've featured thus far).

Anyhow, since it's Friday, I thought I would feature something extremely cute and fun - which didn't take long to find at all!

This absolutely adorable sweet pea necklace from The Pebble Collection is perfect, don't you think? Indeed, it's the perfect jewelry with which to really have fun on casual Fridays, or just Fridays in general (that TGIF feeling is almost always palpable, isn't it?). Recycled leather and suede pieces are decked out with beautifully bright pearls to pay homage to one of the more adorable veggies, the sweet pea. This truly entertaining, conversation-inspiring creation hangs from a silver plated neckwire. I suppose some might shy away from wearing veg around their neck, but I say we only live once and might as well have good, clean fun while we're at it. If this isn't one of the cutest things on Etsy, I don't know what is - and it's only $14. That's less than two movie tickets and the fun will last a lot longer!

The Pebble Collection shop has a lot of seriously fabulous, eclectic, sophisticated jewelry - rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, elegant handpainted shell pendants...I love the whole store. Fortunately, if you go on a teeny-tiny shopping spree, you'll get a free gift with any order over $25. At The Pebble Shop's prices, you can add to your own collection, buy something for yourself and a friend, or gift away to your heart's content. Definitely a gem of a designer!

Happy shopping!

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Blogger Head Genie said...

I have got to have this sweet pea for a friend of mine! Neat. thank you for sharing. She's hard to buy for. he he

Blogger Anne said...

EEEEEEK!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! (I may be tooooo obsessed with lime green!)

Blogger SweetJen said...

lol! I'm a big lime green fan, too, so...we're all in the same cheerily coloured boat. ;)

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