Valentine's Day Pink & Red Picks
Valentine's Day Pretty/Modest Picks

I hope everyone had a great day filled with love from their family & friends. In honour of St. Valentine, here is a handful of pink and red for you to enjoy!

This Red Wool Tweed Spitfire Cap with a flower reminiscent of a pansy perched perkily (say that quickly six times!) on the side will keep you warmer while still looking chic in the midst of this wintry weather! Small pearlescent beads in the bloom's center provide the perfect finishing touch. $45 from tomokotahara - where you'll find a wide selection of millinery in an equally wide range of prices!

(Red accessories are always a great choice - they're so bold and cheerful they coordinate and set off a myriaid of other colours beautifully and add a big dose of bold personality.)

Next is a gorgeous, almost-to-die-for vintage DuBarry taffeta, satin, and lace tier dress. Just trust me and click on the link to visit this beauty no matter your size - it's a perfect example of Ye Olde Hollywood Glamour. The tiers of scalloped floral lace are set onto a taffeta body, and of course that lovely satin belt and ribbon swag on one side. The cut is amazingly flattering - darted bust and one of my favourite things, a square bustline.

This is one gorgeous dress (enough to get me to throw in two photos of her!), and it's from one of the best vintage sellers out there, Capricorn Vintage. It's only $34.99 right now, but bidding ends Friday. Best of all, this vintage gem - it would be right at home in a fashion museum, don't you think, especially in her excellent condition? - is a very wearable 42-32-43, and I'm actually tempted to buy it and just grow right into it. Yowza! What a beauty.

Okay, now that I'm done (kind of) drooling over yet another vintage dress, how about this cute red heart pendant? So cute and charming, and yet another accessory that goes with just about anything. The pendant is made of glass and has a red, white, and blue Millefiori bead placed into the glass before the pendant is placed into the kiln. Post-fusing, artist dmetz drills a hole into the top of the stylized heart, fits it with the pretty coiled bail of sterling silver, and puts the whole shebang onto a twenty-inch sterling silver chain. Each of the handmade hearts are handmade and shipped in a satin bag, ready for gift-giving or safekeeping. $38 from dmetz - who also offers equally cute stick pins and ribbon pendants.

Finally, when you feel the need to add some personality to your coat, handbag, tote, scarf, hat - well, nearly anything - why not this Japanese Sakura cherry blossom pin? Sweet in its simplicity, the felt, dual-layered pin is made special with those perfect french knots and stitching in cherry pink perle cotton thread. Isn't it simply lovely? The metal pinback will affix this unwiltable flower to whatever you desire for a cheerful punch of pink and rose - and all for a mere $6! This and other goodies can be had at kitkabbit.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(You might like to check out this article on the history of red, courtesy of decor8 reader Vanessa.)

There you go - your official Valentine's day picks, all - quite mysteriously - in pink or red, those colours that are always chic and perfectly in style. Hm... I hope you've enjoyed them at least as much as Hubby enjoyed the delish chocolate-raspberry ganache pie I sacrificed these cute little raspberries for.

Happy shopping!

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Blogger deb said...

What a fun blog. I found you through Alicia (I think.) I'm an Audrey gal too! :) Can't wait to peek around a bit more. I especially loved reading about Miss Utah.

Blogger Nicki Baker said...

I love the layout!

Blogger SweetJen said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

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