All You'll Need Is A Flip

A flip hairdo, that is. Here's one of the lovely dolls I found the other day in my eternal quest for wearable-size, pretty vintage duds that still fit into the modest category (the latter isn't so hard as the size qualification).

This 60s sweetheart is listed at American Vintage as a housedress, but I'm having a hard time seeing anyone vacuuming in it. But she'd be great for just about anything else! Not only are the colors on this dress fabulous, she definitely has her very own style - the sort of half-boat, half-turtleneck, the short sleeves, and the wonderful side gather on the skirt. I suppose some might fine the print off-putting, but I love it - it's fun without being in-your-face or inappopriate for the office, and wonderfully feminine without being drowned in crusty Victorian flowers. While this is the only available photo, she looks very well-designed and well-constructed, too.

This is probably just the first item I'll feature from American Vintage, because they have a lot of terrific vintage that is fairly priced - and a lot of it is in pretty normal sizes, too. Be sure to check them out for yourself!

Happy shopping!



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