Wearable Art

Now, really, it's not too far a stretch to call a lot of the things featured here - particlarly the jewellry - 'wearable art'. But it's a free title, just fluttering there in the breeze; since today was an emotional day for me, it seemed to be the right day for taking advantage.

This very pretty Chinese fine silver jacket pendant with a small flower button is an elegant, unique piece sure to bring a smile to your face. Each piece is handmade, and is suspended from an elegantly curved Rajasthani sterling clasp attached to red Greek leather. Artist Melissa Lew made these in honour of the new year, as it's tradition to wear new red clothes throughout the Chinese New Year. Even if you're not Chinese, though, I think you'll find this - and her other jewellry and artwork - to be understated and beautiful all at once.

Available from Melissa Lew. Happy shopping!

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