For the past year or so, owls have been the hot thing in indie fashion. They're starting to break into mass market stuff, which means that unless you already had a thing for the beak-clicking symbols of Athena, something else will be grabbing your fancy soon.

I hereby declare that the next chic animal will be: the fox.

Yes, that furry creature with the bushy tail, last seen draped around Lucille Bluth's neck missing a foot. But we're not talking fur (unless you live in Alaska): just reasonable fascimiles of the vulpine on various fashion items. Why do I say this? Well, for one thing, I can, and for another, for some reason I tend to be ahead of fashion trends. Boots? Check. Vintage? Check. Big, soft, retro waves and curls? Checkity check. Tailored jackets? Check. (By the way, for those, if you're the right size, check the little girls' departments. Trust me.)

Anyhow, the other reason is that I saw this necklace (not yet for sale). It was just a little flash of insight, and y'all heard it here first.

Therefore, it's only appropriate that today I highlight something with some sort of fox on it. Per usual, Etsy didn't let me down. This is a unique piece, too: a blue-grey fox postage stamp in a lead-free soldered pendant. The stamp itself is from the USSR, and while it may just be a fancy of mine, the fox's expression seem to reflect that. The pendant is 2" by 1.25", and is sure to get some attention and be a real conversation-starter. It hangs from a 16" ball chain, although I'm sure you could swap that out for a silvery blue ribbon or a silver chain of your own.

I'll admit that it isn't just the fox factor that I like here - it's the historical meaning of the stamp as well as how prettily it's drawn - but at the same time, that elegance is laced with a sort of "I dare you" attitude. Knowing what I do about the USSR, I wonder about the artist; perhaps they saw themselves as this animal, chased or trapped by something they couldn't escape. As I said, it's definitely a very interesting, one-of-a-kind piece, and it's from the hands of Norsola at The Muses Jewels. She has several other vintage stamp-based pieces (what a great idea) and other very nice jewelry as well.

Happy shopping!

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