Kim Family Auction

I'm certain you remember the heartbreaking story of the Kim family. The Kims had earned great affection from the independent crafting and art community, and as a result, artists banded together and donated items to an
auction benefitting the Kim family. All the items are showcased on the blog, and are at auction on eBay.

There are many lovely items, but one of the cutest is this squirrel tote & tree tote bag from Casey Brown. The red wool-blend squirrel is hand-appliqued onto cotton canvas and resides among prettily hand-embroidered details (like the tree, and "Squirrel" stitched in the back). The bag is fully lined in cotton with pockets for cellphones, lipstick, gum, or kitty treats (hey, you never know). So if you've ever got a day where you're feeling a bit...well, squirrely and loopy, you can whimsically warn everyone by carrying this tote. Bonus on this piece: free shipping!

That's your cute for the day. My other favourite auction item - although it's far out of my price range - is the sweet horse chestnut necklace from Scottish artist Abigail Percy. It's such a unique piece, beautifully crafted, and I love the asymmetrical way it's meant to be worn. The sweet horse chestnut leaf is hand-carved stained faux ivory supported by a gold-plated silver setting piece, and strung with faceted round smoky quartz beads on silk. I really like this gorgeous necklace.

It's all for a great cause, and the work available is worth looking at just for the inspiration factor. Maybe go in on an item with a friend or two and pass it around? The auction has had some lovely home pieces donated as well - like porcelain pots and a cute wall pocket - so there's certainly something for everyone.

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