Cuddle With Your Earrings. Really.
Despite the 60- and 70-degree weather, we'd all look pretty silly running around in in light cottons and so forth. It's December, for Pete's sake. This is why despite the real lack of need to do so, we're toting scarves around, wearing them over our sweater sets because we don't need coats. There is such a thing as sartorial sensibility.

Now, these Rosie Quartz felt earrings from Pagano Design Works fit the wintery cute bill without leaving you sweating like Antonio Banderas while standing in line to pay for those last-second Christmas goodies. They're a flattering pink with maroonish stitching down the middle, and two pretty beads - one quartz, the other a beautifully coloured freshwater pearl - at the bottom of each. Artist Jenni has used food-safe dyes and sterling silver for the bead wiring and earwires.

Best of all, the earrings are made from a carefully washed and felted silk-wool sweater. Talk about new life! These and other pretties are available at Pagano Design Works. Happy shopping!

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Blogger pagano designworks said...

Wow!! I only just found this blog entry!! Thanks so much for finding my earrings. They will also be included in an upcoming book...1000 Jewelry Designs by Sandra Salamony in Spring 2008. (Yes, this ACTUAL pair!!)

Blogger Jen said...

Wow, congrats! That is wonderful!

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