Details, Details
Have you ever read Gone With The Wind? It's one of my favourite books; I think I was 13 the first time I read it. One thing that really stuck out to me - because our culture doesn't place quite as much emphasis on it as we do other things - was how the condition of a lady's hands was very important. Poor Suellen and Carreen whining about their ruined hands after Scarlett made them pick cotton in the fields, Rhett's reaction at Scarlett's hardened, blistered hands when she coquettishly tries to wheedle money from him to save Tara. It was quite foreign to me, but obviously made an impression.

Nowadays, while the condition of a woman's hands are important, it's not a big a deal as, say, how big your implants are and how perfect your hair is. Still, how a lady's hands appear is important enough that it makes a difference - evidenced by the number of women who get very regular manicures and even acrylic or gel tips applied to their hands. Unkempt digits won't necessarily get you relegated to the lower echelons of society, but people do still notice. As they say, God is in the details.

That's why I have an affection for rings. It's totally unnecessary for them to be diamonds (not that I'd complain), as long as they're cute and flattering. Darlybird has just such an item in this vintage Japanese coral ring. It's such a feminine thing, with the little flowers, not to mention a nearly universally flattering colour. The cabochon really is a vintage Japanese piece, and is fitted into a hammered gold- or silver-plated band. According to the website, it fits sizes 6-8 best.

It's the kind of ring that, when worn, would make me a lot more careful of my hands, and lend a certain grace to how I conducted myself that day - after all, one wouldn't want to hurt the jewelry. But really, as any dame can tell you, wearing pretty things just kind of somehow makes one feel more feminine and pretty herself, and that is half of the 'grace' thing right there.

Darlybird is well worth visiting, ring fan or not - she offers goodies for women, men, and the kidlets as well as nesting goodies, stationery, and spa-style goodies. Some of it is just plain fun, too.

Happy shopping!

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