I Say Nest, You Say Bouquet, We Both Say "Pretty!"

Today's offering is this lovely little ring from MoxieRings. Talk about a great stocking stuffer! Now, the Scottsdale-based artist says this is a bouquet, which I can see, but doesn't it look like a robin's nest?

Regardless, it's undeniably pretty. The stones are Peruvian Blue Opals, set onto a ring of sterling silver wire. This ring can come in any size from 5-10, and it's under $20! MoxieRings has plenty of terrific stuff at her shop, especially the jewelry. She offers web design, too. Check it out!

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and most people will be at the crazy malls (mauls?) Friday, there probably won't be any posts until Saturday or Sunday. There are turkeys to roast and 'taters to mash, after all. Happy Thanksgiving!


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