Accessories Are King (...Queen?)

Sometimes, the best part of one's wardrobe are the smallest things - a pretty necklace, the perfect pair of pumps, an elegantly worn scarf. It's the little things that not only pull an outfit together, but reveal an enticing hint about one's personality, her mood that day, even her feelings about the event she's attending.

Today, I offer you this cute, funky belt from CBStitches. Jazz up a pair of jeans, or add a little extra to that fall dress or woolen skirt. The modern paisley print is particularly appealing, especially with that brightening little touch of raspberry pink. The belt is two inches wide, well-interfaced, and backed with a pretty goldenrod-coloured bow. It's 41" long, but creator Cynthia is happy to make belts of custom length for you.

She also has this lovely pink and brown satiny belt, which makes me think of Christmas ornaments (and flattering vertical lines). Too cute!

Best of all are Cynthia's prices - the belts are ridiculously well-priced (let me just say that Target could reasonably sell these for more than twice what Cynthia is charging). Any of them would be a great addition to your wardrobe, or a fabulous Christmas gift for a friend or stocking stuffer for a daughter or niece. In fact, it would also be a terrific Secret Santa gift - it is well under most Secret Santa price barriers without being, oh, ugly, cheesy, or a complete waste of money that will end up in someone's trash basket. Hmm....who do I know who would love one of these...

This belt and many, many others - for all tastes - are available at CBStitches. Cynthia's profile says she is big on providing high quality at a great price, and she most certainly does.

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