Now, This is Creative!
Originally, I was looking for something warm and snuggly to share with you on a chill Friday, but saw this bracelet cuff and couldn't resist!

Created by Mary Andrews of Brooklyn, this is a one of a kind bracelet made from an antique silver fork. Not only is it lovely, it's also one size fits all. It's the perfect accessory for holiday party dresses - not to mention a definite conversation piece! And if you ask me, it's a steal at $20.

Just to fit the bill today, I also note the Winter Moss scarf, also by Contrary (lucky girl, she gets a twofer today). Not only is it a delicous colour that will coordinate beautifully with many other colours, it is a scarf lightweight and pretty enough that you'll want to wear it around the office (as Michiganders are wont to do in the cold months) instead of hanging it up with your coat. Warm, snuggly, and pretty - what's not to love?

Visit Contrary for many more goodies - this is a very creative, talented lady, with items ranging from jewelry to paintings and paper goodies. And free shipping - I repeat, free shipping! - has never hurt anyone.

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