Hair Pretties From Sprout Studio
Once again, I display bias, because I lovelovelove Sprout Studio. Not only do I (sort of) share a name with the proprietor, but her stuff is just darned adorable and chic.

Money has been spent here. And it will continue, believe you me.

A newer item from Jenifer are these loverly hairpins, featuring glass - yes, glass - cabachons in a luscious shade of green. And such fortuitous colour and timing, too, with Christmas right around the corner.

Having these pretties tucked in your locks, perhaps paired with a fabulous red holiday dress? Subtle and surprising, and oh so sweet. Available at Sprout Studio.

By the way, Jenifer also makes darling earrings, very unique, and many of them are on sale, so check that out too. I have these, and get lots of compliments on their wonderfulness.

Shop away!

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