Mmmm, Corduroy!
Remember corduroy pants? And that fabulous zip-zip sound they made? Yes, me too. And that's why I stopped wearing them, preferring instead to sneak up on my victims.

Of course, skirts are a whole different story, and now that colder weather has set in, it's time to break out the warm snuggliness of cord skirts. Paired with a sweater and knee-high boots or a soft, pretty cami and heels, cords are versatile day-to-night all through the briskness of fall and bone-cracking cold of winter. Not only will you look wonderful, you'll feel warm and snuggly.

Just in time for holiday dinners and parties, india*romeo offers this pretty corduroy skirt - with sweet lace trim on the hem. Isn't it lovely? If this doesn't fit the definition of pretty and modest, I don't know what does.

So, you see, there's no need to banish girliness to summertime only. And in these cords, you won't have to fear catching fire during a rush to get the last thirty-dollar 42" flat-screen TV on Black Friday, either.



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