Glam Dresses!
When I started this blog, I thought Pretty/Modest would be a cute name, if not oxymoronic. It's easy to find darling accessories, but finding modest clothing (defined by me as covering from bust - no falling-out cleavage, thanks - to the knee) that is also pretty, attractive, and flattering was going to be a tall order. Finding formal dresses that fit the bill would be even more difficult. I've nothing against bare arms or shoulders (being the always over-warm type myself), but would rather not have to throw a napkin over my knees because of a too-short hemline or pin something to the bodice because I don't want some boor trying to take a peek at the girls, if you get my drift. Ladylike formalwear is tough to find these days, much less stuff that is attractive and pretty.

So I was absolutely thrilled yesterday, when a post on the Modestly Yours blog directed me to not one, not two, but a whole gaggle of pretty dresses that also fit the 'modest' bill, all from Shade Clothing. In fact, a couple of these are very glamorous dresses. Check 'em out:

Pretty, aren't they? There are quite a few more, and the website is well worth visiting. When you click "Purchase" at the top, you are taken to the store site, and you can view each dress in a larger photo individually - in fact, click here and then click on the name of each dress to take a closer look.

The dresses aren't cheap, but nor are they any more than you'd pay at a department store. Nearly all have a very flattering cut (although I'm not a fan of empire waists a la "Sense and Sensibility") and are made from nicely draping fabric. Great job, girls!

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Anonymous wendy said...

Love your site!

Blogger Nan said...

Your site is so cute! Thank you so much for the link your sidebar! It always makes me feel uber special (even when I'm one in 100!) :^D

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