Simple Beauty

There is something wonderful about simplicity in fashion - like a little black dress, or a sweater set with pearls. I'm all for glamour and flair and glitz, but sometimes the simple route is the best, isn't it?

This pendant, by Almond Tree Designs, is a perfect example of beauty and elegance in simplicity. The black polymer inset has a lovely inset of delicately handcoiled silvertone copperwire to add a subtle glow to the jewelry. This would make a wonderful gift - for a friend or yourself! And since black and white never go out of style, this inexpensive pendant is an all-seasons piece you'll go back to time and again.

Almond Tree offers many, many beautiful pendants of all colours; some are glass, others polymer, and all feature the artist's wonderful, elegant wirework. You'll find earrings and other jewelry at the shop as well, and everything is under $20. I think this shop will be featured here - the work is beautiful and I've a hard time thinking of anyone who wouldn't like at least one or two things from the shop.

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