Valentina Brooch
The Star City Sound is one of the hippest new indie shops out there. It's not hard to understand why if you peruse the store - although it is hard to not want at least 60% of the things you see! Owner and designer Sarah is a Kentucky native (one of my favourite states!) living in North Carolina who has only a few college majors less than I did. But all of that educational jumping isn't necessarily bad - it usually denotes a curious, eclectic personality, and judging by Sarah's super-chic work, she certainly fits the bill!

She specializes in jewelry, a vein I'd call modern atomic retro chic. Or in shorter terms, "ridiculously cute". Among my favourite items is the Valentina pin. A red vintage owl bead bedecks a pretty wire-wrapped tree with turquoise and dark chocolate-y leaf beads. Is this darling or what? It can be pinned to clothing, a scarf, a handbag, and I think there has just got to be a way to tuck it safely into one's hair (but I might just be insane). Regardless, it's such a pretty piece, and unique too - you'll be the envy of your friends. Which isn't exactly modest, perhaps, but doubtless you can convince them to just find joy in gazing at Valentina's cuteness? Besides, owls are a classic symbol of wisdom - if I recall, the owl was Athena's token, wasn't it? - and they're quite popular at the moment.

Sarah has created all types of beauty and cute. Get a few goodies from her now before she becomes famous and is priced out of reasonablility at The Star City Sound soon!

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Blogger Elena said...

I've actually made a couple of pins via this method, but mine didn't turn out to be as cute as this one did! Go, go, jewelry designers!!!

Blogger SweetJen said...

lol They are super-cute. I imagine it must take quite a bit of patience to get them done even marginally well.

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