Lusterbunny Swank

Last month, my husband and I went to Pittsburgh's Handmade Arcade, a great little art fair featuring all sorts of indie artists. One thing that I had to buy - as in we fought our way back through the thick mass of humanity to get to her table - was one of these pretty teardrop necklaces from Lusterbunny. Mine is in pale green, and it was a difficult choice; her work is beautiful and unique, and she has all sorts of designs - florals, paisleys, chandeliers, squirrels, trees, even deer, moose and ravens!

Each pendant comes on a sterling silver choker chain. The pendants themselves are actually glazed porcelain, the image being permanently fused to the piece by being fired in a kiln at 1900 degrees. The decal won't ever come off! The pendant itself is about an inch and a half long.

I wore mine during much of Thanksgiving weekend - it's so pretty and quite different from what else is out there. Lusterbunny offers this in pink, pale green, white, light blue, or olive green. Definitely a nice treat for yourself, or a lovely gift for a friend - heck, I think that some hipper grandmas might like this! Lusterbunny's shop has all kinds of pretty stuff, from pendants and pins to magnets, so hop on over!

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