There's Something About A Well-Planned Bag
If there's anything that drives me batty, it's having to dig around in my purse for my ringing cellphone, or a lipstick, or a pen, or...well, you know the drill. That goofy little zip-side pocket in most purses is pointless; if I need my phone, I need it now, darnit! And since there are usually six or more lipsticks floating around in my bag at any given time, whichever one my fingers touch first is unlikely to be the one I actually want. Who hears me?

That's why GlassBeach's handbag tote in Brown Bohemian is such a gem: not only are the pockets functional, there are three of them! Three! One for the gadgets, one for the girlie stuff, and one for...I don't know, your mace or radiation detector or kitty treats. As busy as women are these days, I'm sure you can find something to slip into the third pocket.

The bag is made of wide wale corduroy - I must be on a cord kick, as I'm wrapping up a cord skirt right now in the studio - and the center panel features pretty pink-red line-drawn flowers, tiny shimmery dots, and a loop-button closure. She's lined the interior and fashioned the handles with brown twill, which will easily hold up to daily use.

It's a very pretty bag, and very reasonably priced and beautifully coloured for the season. The truly soft, snuggly cord has been Scotchgarded for additional protection. I imagine any lady would be quite happy to carry this!

Glass Beach's store also features wristlets, card wallets, totes, and of course other purses and handbags. Her work looks wonderfully professional and she uses a variety of patterns, so there is probably something for everyone here!

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