No Offense To Thomas More, But...

It's winter. That usually means we put away our pretty, brightly coloured bags and haul out the dark leathers - the espresso, the black, the red if we're crazy (that last would be me). But doesn't it get...depressing? Winter is dreary enough as it is in most parts of the world, especially here in the east. I would much rather carry around something colourful and pretty, no matter what time of year! Then again, my spring and summer bags do look a little odd with the wool coat, if you get my drift.

That's why I am quite enamoured of this very pretty Chloe handbag from Queen Puff Puff. It's mostly black, so the more snooty fashionistas won't have a heart attack, but it's also covered in pretty, bright flowers in gold and pink to add some cheerful colour to your day. I think my favourite touch, though, is that splash of teal from the dupioni silk sash and straps. And the white buckle in front. So chic!

Designer Nicole Vasbinder has made this lovely goodie from printed cotton and lined the bag in satin. The white buckle on the front is vintage plastic, and there's a pocket inside for your cellphone & lipstick, as well as a magnetic snap to keep it all safe.

Really, this bag is, well, one for all seasons. Queen Puff Puff has all sorts of cute stuff from bags to belts, so check it out!

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